Use Your Full Potential in the Digital World – Virtual Workshop Homework

by | Aug 29, 2018

Use Your Full Potential in the Digital World - Virtual Workshop Homework from Travel Massive LIVE
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Use Your Full Potential in the Digital World – Virtual Workshop Homework

The world is becoming increasingly digital. That means obvious changes in everyday life – both work and otherwise. Everything you want to do becomes more and more location independent – for both you and your customer.
Digitalisation opens up a whole world full of possibilities that our parents never had. It also opens up a new set of needs and demands for services that need to be fulfilled, new markets to operate on. Are you taking full advantage of it?
Are you making the most of your skills – could there be some untapped markets you could expand your business to?
The pace of change is so rapid that opportunities will pass you by if you don’t pay attention and take stock regularly.
The first step in utilising your full potential is for you to realise your full potential. All of us know and can do things others can’t – and those can be the very ones you can use to expand your business and make you stand out to your customers.
This recorded webinar workshop is meant for travel professionals, who are interested in making the most of their skills in the digital world and want to explore expanding their business in a unique, location independent way.
After this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of your particular skill-set and new ideas on how to turn them into new business for you.

Step 1. Watch the webinar

If you didn’t join us for our Travel Massive LIVE virtual workshop, you’ll need to watch the webinar first and complete the activities:

And you can view the slides here:

In the webinar workshop (29th of August), you ideated ways to monetise three of your skills. Now it’s time to come up with a roadmap to turn one of them into reality.

Step 2. Complete Your Virtual Workshop Homework

Materials needed:

  • sheets of paper
  • a pen

Step 2a

Pick one of the three skills you worked on in the workshop – the one you’d most want to see realised.
Select one of the monetising ways you came up with – the one you find most appealing or interesting.
You can also challenge yourself and pick one of the ’unfamiliar’ ones.
Give yourself 5 minutes to list all the big and small things you can think of that you’d need to do.
Be as specific as you can and make the mother of all to do lists.

Step 2b

Next, give yourself another 5 mins to arrange the tasks you came up with into a timeline with a deadline and create a roadmap for yourself.
You can repeat this process with any of the monetising ideas you came up with.
By chopping up big ideas and dreams into bite-sized, concrete tasks helps you to see that anything is doable and placing the tasks into a timeline helps you to get a sense of how long their realisation would take.
Maybe not all of your ideas today were gold nuggets in the workshop.
If you feel you didn’t come up with a killer idea, don’t get discouraged.
The process has started. New ideas will pop into your head for days to come. You can use these ideating and planning techniques along the way and develop your ideas further.
Search actively for inspiration and try things with an open mind.
I hope I’ve given you lots to think about and I hope you’ll get the working life you’ve always dreamed of.
If you feel, I could be of help in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kirsten Tanner

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