TrustED Conf 2021 Day 2

by | Nov 18, 2021

TrustED Conf VR World Tour - Day 2
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Trusted Conf Day 2 VR World Tour 2021


It’s day 2 of the TrustED Conf VR World Tour and we’re shifting gears. Today it’s all about sharing knowledge with expert presentations from the team. To start, we’re kicking off with customer deep dives where 4 teams will collaborate to solve tough marketing challenges.

Next, we’ll hear from the team with a series of presentations. First up, we’ve got Daverick and we’ll learn how he’s pitched SEO and (basically) achieved a 100% success rate, next we’ll hear from El on how the talent market changed after the pandemic, James Ohlson on turning personas into a paid media strategy, Kirsty on social media marketing insights and efficiencies, Lisa on the explosion of online shopping during the pandemic, Leti on how to effectively communicate and connect with clients and teammates, Leann on COVID-19 search trends and post-pandemic SEO, and last but not least, Miroslav on the weirdest Google manual penalty he’s ever seen.

We’ll be finishing up the day by meeting up for some fun at the IMWT VR Club House.

Kirsten Tanner

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