TrustED Conf 2021 Day 1

by | Nov 17, 2021

TrustED Conf 2021 VR World Tour - Day 1 Wrap Up
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TrustED Conf 2021 VR World Tour Day 1 Wrap UpToday we’re kicking off the TrustED Conf VR World Tour with a company keynote to take a look back at the amazing results we’ve achieved in the last year, plus a look at what’s next for In Marketing We Trust in 2022 and beyond. We’ll also hear from our Head of Growth, Head of Data & Engineering, and Head of Analytics, our People Operations Manager, Operations Manager and Operations Executive on what we’ve seen so far in 2021 and where we’re headed.

After the keynotes, we heard from Andrei Inso, Operations Executive, on a few methods on how to measure your impact and why it matters. We also learnt about Regular Expressions from our Senior Data and DevOps Engineer, Andrew Patterson, plus we learnt about influencer marketing during the pandemic from Ania Cerezo.

To end the day we’re meeting up in our VR Club House and having a PokerStars VR after party.

Thanks to Frederic Chanut, Paul Hewett, Selina Gough, James Bardsley, Benoit Weber, Maria Ursente, Martin Dunk, Andrei Inso, Andrew Patterson and Ania Cerezo for their presentations.

See you tomorrow for another TrustED Conf 2021 VR World Tour wrap up!

Kirsten Tanner

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