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Trusted Conf Day 1

Yesterday we kicked off Trusted Conf 2019 in Chiang Mai and what an epic start to a week of collaboration, learning and team building. What better way to start the week than a recap on our achievements over the past year. It’s been a year of growth with amazing customers like Gumtree, Expedia and Globus. It’s been a year of innovation, expanding our data science capabilities to better serve our customers. It’s been a year of team growth, searching the planet for the best digital folk in the world to work for our customers. So what next? Our leadership team gave an overview of the strategy and key initiatives that will continue our growth as a global digital marketing company.

Spoiler alert… more innovation, more people, more growth!

Thanks to Frederic Chanut, Paul Hewett, Cecilia Cebada, Jack Booth, Benoit Weber, James Bardsley, Maxime Ouellette and Maria Ursente for their presentations. We’re looking forward to an awesome year working together to smash our goals.

Kirsten Tanner

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