Top 5 Social Media Stories 9th December 2013

by | Dec 9, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback
1) List of 200 Google website ranking factors 6

Why it matters: Although no full list has ever been published by Google, through analysing each individual variable, Single Grain and Backlinko have devised 200 ranking factors. These ranking factors range from Domain, page-level, site-level, backlinks, social factors, web spam and user interaction factors.
Importance Level: 6/10

2) Why Visual Assets are better than Infographics 6

Why it matters: Rand Fishkin delves into the best and worst parts of infographics and explains why they are a thing of the past. Instead of creating infographics, have you considered creating other forms of visual content such as Photos, Charts, Visual Representations or even Comics and Storyboards? Smaller images attract the reader attention easier plus they can be shared easier.
Importance Level: 6/10

3) Why your Brand must Analyse Traffic by Device 6

Why it matters: Since the turn of the century, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of mobile users and mobile searches. Mutt Cutts has stated “Some countries have more mobile traffic than they do desktop traffic”. If you are not looking at your traffic by device, you are already behind the rest of your competitors.
Importance Level: 6/10

4) 11 SEO changes that will give you Big Results 5

Why it matters: A simple checklist of 11 tips to increase your search traffic referral. Could you be using any of these to increase your audience? I highly recommend the animated infographic on cheetahs!
Importance Level: 5/10

5) The Google of Social Media Platforms 3

Why it matters: Hshtags is a cool new website which searches social media websites for conversations. It includes any social media website that uses hashtags including Twitter, Instigram, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr and Tumblr. With the ability to view trends and current events through the hashtags people are tweeting, Hshtags is a great tool for finding what your target market is saying.
Importance Level: 3/10
Kirsten Tanner

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