Top 5 Social Media Stories 5th August 2013

by | Aug 5, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback


 Important Factor

1) Facebook ‘Up To 30% Undervalued’ as Marketers Remain Stuck On Last Click7

Why it matters: As you may know, Facebook has been making lots of money of ad-revenue.  However, according to study by Kenshoo, which analyzed hundreds of millions of clicks and millions of direct online sales conversions across digital channels, that Facebook could be making lot more if it’s not up to 30% undervalued and marketers will not have to waste money because the ad industry has yet to break away from last click attribution.

Important level: 7/10

2) Why You’re Failing If You Ignore Social In CRM6

Why it matters: Customer Relationship Management is important to every business, beside that, social media will be the bridge that takes CRM further than that. It represents a fundamental shift away from a linear sales model, where customers contact a company before, during or immediately following a sale.

Important level: 6/10

3) How To Optimise Your Google Plus Local Page And Stay On Top Of Local Results5

Why it Matters: Google Plus Local used to be ‘Google Places’, it allows you to add various elements to your listings to make it much more appealing to users from photos, videos, images of your business to customer reviews and business information. By using this, you can enhance your rankings online through keywords, customer engagement and reviews ane more.

Important level : 5/10

4) How Blogs Generate Income4

Why it matters: Blogging is a way to engage and build social bond with audience and also the potential ones. More and more businesses have come to realize that they need to spend more time and investment in blogs.

Important level: 4/10

5) Focus: Your New Social Media Superpower!3

Why it matters: Take Superman movie as an example, and imagine that all the social media tools are the power we have. It can take us to explore super natural power that the virtual world can give us nowadays. From making a plan, to focus and implement your plan, it has all what it takes to take your business to success.

Important level: 3/10


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