Top 5 Social Media Stories 3rd March 2014

by | Feb 3, 2014

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback
1) How to Attract Registrations Without Creating A Barrier to Checkout6
Why it Matters? For all online storefronts, one of your goals should be to increase registrations. This will allow you to promote yourself via email marketing and promote certain products or features. Giant form submission pages can be both intimidating and time consuming for your customers. Read how to limit the amount of information your customers have to
Importance Level: 6/10
2) New Study Shows Original Content Reaches More People on Facebook5
Why it Matters? Facebook has made a number of changes to its advertising algorithm and in the way it displays its news feed lately.  See the results from this study from over 50,000 posts over 800 pages and stay up to date with the latest ways to get noticed in the ever growing world of social media to your customers.
Importance Level: 5/10
3) Boost Your Social Strategy With SEO Data4
Why it Matters? SEO and Social Media are more closely linked than you may think. Not only can you use Social Media signals to push your SEO pages, but you can also use your social media data to impact how you look at your SEO including Keywords, Social Growth, Key Trends within a topic and traffic surges.
Importance Level: 4/10
4) Link Building on a Budget3
Why it Matters? While Link building, or more specifically Guest Blogging, has been under the SEO spotlight for the beginning of 2014, it is an important aspect of building a websites authority and climbing the Google Rankings ladder. For all those who are resource poor, money poor or time poor, link building on a budget has some ideas to help you with your Link Building.
Importance Level: 3/10
5) Why Every Business Should Spend at Least $1 per Day on Facebook Ads2
Why it Matters? Simplicity is sometimes the best method. A $30/day Facebook budget done right with the correct audience and call-to-action can boost both your social profile and business.
Importance Level: 2/10

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