Top 5 Social Media Stories 2nd December 2013

by | Dec 2, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback
1) 60 Hummingbird Resources 7
Why it matters: With Google’s latest update, Hummingbird has changed the landscape of SEO. This list of 60 resources will help you understand, prepare and take control of your Hummingbird effected SEO. For any in-house SEO manager, these resources will save you loads of time!
Importance Level: 7/10
2) 26 Ways to Engage your Fans on Facebook 5
Why it matters: Following up from In Marketing We Trust’s blog post on Wednesday, by using these tips you get a greater connection to your customers which will allow you to increase your impressions, conversions and bottom line. With social media becoming an ever increasing requirement for both online and offline businesses, it is important to understand the changing ways of how to connect to your audience.
Importance Level: 5/10
3) Google dropped the 100 links per page guideline 5
Why it matters: A change that occurred back in 2008, but there is still an underlying myth that a page must contain under 100 links or be hit hard by Google. The truth is a page can have over 100 links, and it is only a guideline to keep it under 100. Google reserves the right to punish pages that to them look spammy. Includes a video of Matt Cutts explaining how many links a page should have.
Importance Level: 5/10
4) Why Website Speed Matters 5
Why it matters: Website speed is one of the highest factors considered by customers to decide how long they spend on your website. There is a direct link between how long your website takes to load and bounce rate. Remember, with mobile becoming more convenient for customers to access your website, more consideration needs to be taken over the speed of your website.
Importance Level: 5/10
5) Leveraging Memes for your own Viral Marketing 2
Why it matters: My personal favourite post for the week. A fun look at what unique things companies can do (and are starting to do) in the world of digital marketing. Memes have been in the news lately for copyright infringements in Australian law.
Importance Level: 2/10

Kirsten Tanner

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