Top 5 Social Media Stories 29th July 2013

by | Jul 29, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback

 Important Factor

1) Mobile Advertising is Dead. Long Live Mobile Advertising8
Why it matters: Justine Baird, co-founder of Aegis innovation unit Jumptank, pointed out his view that “Mobile advertising is dead”, this has raised number of concerns and opinions from different experts. However, as we may know, the mobile advertising has changed a lot since the last decade dues to the smart phone revolution. Brendan ‘Bob’ Forster, Google Australia’s creative agency lead has against Baird’s point, he thinks that “Mobile advertising is not dead- everything has its place” and others think that it did die, it was just changing the format. Put it all in context, mobile advertising is still on its way of changing and, it doesn’t matter why it changes, what makes it change, the question is how and the way it is tailored to customers and the target audience.
Important level: 8/10

2) Facebook Conversion Tracing: More Than Just eCommerce Conversions7
Why it matters: Facebook Conversion Tracking is the ability to track whether or not your Facebook Ad lead to a conversion on your website. It is valuable because it provides the ability to measure the true ROI of a campaign based on  cost per conversion. More over Facebook will give you the ability to optimize your ad for a specific conversion, targeting at people most likely to perform that action.
Important level: 7/10

3) Social Media Usage Up, Traditional Media Suffers5
Why it matters: As we all know, Social Media has bloomed rapidly since the last decade. Somehow, It has created a great impact on those traditional media platforms such as TV, Radio, newspaper and magazines. This infographic will tell us the data and how people’s behavior differs from over time since 2010.
Important level: 5/10

4) What Project Runway Can Teach You About Content Marketing4
Why it matters: So have you been watching Project Runway lately? It somehow tells us number of important marketing lessons. Obviously, creation skills is a must, where creative thinking, work dynamics take place. The entire and look and create the right format, that will give your content and smooth and beautiful look and feel in order to engage with the audience. Use back story to make your content interesting would be important as well. More over, budget also needs to be considered, and integrate promotion seamlessly.
Important Level: 4/10

5) Social Media Marketing: The Best Investment You Will Ever Make3
Why it matters: Social media is very important to businesses, it plays a significant role that leads your business to success. Most of organizations have come to decide to leverage their marketing dollars into social media. More over it needs to be done in the right way in order to maximize efficiency
Important level: 3/10


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