Top 5 Social Media Stories 27th May 2013

by | May 24, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback

Important Factor


1) Penguin 2.0: What Likely Changed and How to Recover8

Why it matters: Have you heard of the Penguin 2.0 update? During March, Matt Cutts, Google’s Distinguished Engineer announced that there would be next Penguin update that got most of Marketers and SEO experts like sitting on fire. Eventually, last Wednesday 22nd May, it was officially announced. Though there are number of new changes in this version but it more likely concentrates on impact of web spam and tightening of the algorithm of Google.

Important level: 8 /10

2) 15 Actionable Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World 2013.6

Why it matters: It is time to review what happened in Social Media Marketing World last month. What have you missed and what have you done, reviewing your social media activities will keep your business on track and increase your influence with your audience. There are number of valuable tips in this post that not only help you to improve content but engagement with your audience. More over, optimizing your Social Channels in order to get more leads would be a thing considers being important.

Important Level: 6/10

3) Does Google+ Drive More Sales Than Facebook?5

Why it matters: As Google+ is going big and viral, taking the second place after Facebook in terms of active users, this can be seen as a huge opportunity for Google+ to increase its share value and many benefits for this social channel as well as its customers. Based on the infographic in this post, it clearly explained the value of Google+ in terms of its Share Value, percentage of Social Revenue.

Important Level: 5/10

4)Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Based on Quality or Quantity?4

Why it matters: If few years ago, the content of a blog was not that important, it just needed to be a lot of it on a daily basis, but now when SEO is growing strong enough, that means the content is more and more important, means we need quality over quantity.

Important level: 4/5


5) How Stuff Spreads #1: Gangnam Style vs Harlem Shake –  Full Study and Data Visualization.3

Why it matters: Want to know why things go viral and stay on top? Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake can be the best examples here. Along with billions of shares, thousands of spin-off versions, there are certain things that made these two go global memes. Eight valuable dimensions are stated and demonstrated in this blog in order to explain why and how Gangnam Style and Harlem shake go viral.

Important level: 3/5


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