Top 5 Social Media Stories 22nd July 2013

by | Jul 21, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback

Important Factor

1) User Comments as Advertising? IAB Says No.8
Why It matters: So IAB has decided to reject ASB’s ruling last year that comments of users on a brand’s page could be considered as advertising. In contradiction to that, IAB has announced its Social Media Comment Moderation Guidelines. Though this has brought up many issues and arguments in relation to social media’s spirit. IAB also added that they do not think user’s comments are a part of advertising; somehow it’s the responsibility of brands that promote those comments but not the user’s comments themselves. More over, IAB also developed guidelines that are designed to establish “best practice behavior by brands, which also take in account Australian consumer law and the competition watchdog ACCC. In relation to that, ACCC has also announced the rule of brands cannot knowingly leave up misleading or false user comments and testimonials on social media platforms. However, not long later, AANA has fired back at IAB over this consequence. The AANA has hit back at the IAB’s guidelines; they call it “irrelevant” to brand owners.
Important Level: 8/10

2) The Digital Marketing Metrics Pyramid6
Why it matters: As you may know, there are six important marketing metrics that help improve low-level activities such as search, social, and other pay-per-click tactics. There are number of ways to bring these tactics to a better level in order to bring your strategy to success. More over, marketers need to know how to use these tactics in the right way to maximize efficiency.
Important Level: 6/10

3) Facebook Ads Reports: A Tour of a Powerful New Tool6
Why it matters: There have been number of changes of Facebook insights recently, the ad reporting tool is one of them. This new tool allows you to determine how a single ad performed by age, country and placement without having to split test with multiple ads. In relation to that, it also enables you to evaluate the performance of your ad based on Action metrics.
Important level: 6/10

4) What Your Company Can Learn About Social From Self-Published Authors5
Why it matters:: There are number of similar factors better a self-published author and a marketing professional. They develop content in order to target and explore the audience. Not only that, they also find a way to engage with audiences for long term, from there, to reach out to audience, making social solutions work is the way for them to develop content successfully.
Important level 5/5

5) What Content Marketers Can Learn From Baseball4
Why it matters: As we all know, content marketing is one of the most important elements of inbound marketing. We can see it somehow similar to baseball, where it requires someone who has to be in charge, and team spirit where it needs to be elaborated through a chain of team players (editor, writer, designers, area experts etc)  More over, the content has to be consistent and relevant to the situation
Important Level: 4/10


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