Top 5 Social Media Stories 21st November 2014

by | Nov 21, 2014

Top 5 social media marketing stories
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1. Mobile Friendly Websites May Get Boosts In Keyword Rankings 9
Why it matters? If your website is mobile friendly, it may help you get better keyword rankings in Google. Websites that have not yet invested in mobile friendly websites should start now. Those who have already invested are reaping rewards in terms of traffic and keyword rankings as Google is experimenting with this new algorithm. Not only will your website benefit in terms of rankings, but your mobile users will thank you for it.
Importance level: 7/10
2. How Having Secure Websites Impacts Keyword Rankings In Google 9
Why it matters? Using HTTPS to make your website more secure will help you rank better in search engines. Case studies show as much as 70% of pages in the top five positions are behind an HTTPS protocol in November 2014, a jump from just 36% in June 2014, showing that HTTPS is becoming more important. If your website is not already behind HTTPS, you may consider upgrading. HTTPS will boost your rankings and provide security, safety, and privacy for your users.
Importance level: 6/10
3. Forrester Says Facebook And Twitter No Longer As Important 9
Why it matters? Forrester reports show that the engagement rate in other social media like Pinterest and Instagram are generating as much as 58 times higher engagement than in Facebook and 120 times more than twitter. Forrester also recommends building your own micro social network. If you’re relying solely on Facebook and Twitter for your marketing, you may want to tap Pinterest and Instagram to get more return on your investment.
Importance level: 6/10
4. Easy Guide For How To Onpage Optimize Your SEO 9
Why it matters? Onpage Optimization is important to boost your keyword rankings in Google, however it can be challenging, even overwhelming, to look at so many things at once. This guide will give you a good visual summary of what you need to do to fix onsite SEO problems on your site. This is a good guide for beginners, and will also serve as a good refresher for those who are already more seasoned.
Importance level: 4/10
5. How To Optimize Your Images On Social Networks 9
Why it matters? Images play an important role in social media marketing, but the problem is, if you’re using different social media platforms, it can be time consuming to meet the recommended sizes for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Fortunately, there is a way to speed this process up, saving you time money, and making social media marketing easier for you and your team.
Importance level: 3/10


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