Top 5 Social Media Stories 14th April 2014

by | Apr 14, 2014

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback
1) Google Brings “Not Provided” To Ads, Will Withhold Search Query Data From Paid Clicks9
Why it Matters? Just like they did to SEO’s, Google is now removing the match search queries for its paid advertising. No longer will you be able to see all the data from the search terms used to find your ads. This throws a spanner into the works for Search Engine Marketing, keyword identification and the creation of Adwords campaigns.
Importance Level: 9/10
2) Twitter Announces Upcoming Launch Of Redesigned Profile Pages5
Why it Matters? Hope you kept the templates for your branded twitter images. They will need to be updated! Twitter announced a new profile layout becoming more and more like Facebook with each update. With the ability to pin important tweets, highlighting of your best tweets and the ability to view tweets through filters, check out these already updated twitter profiles for inspirations. alternatively, check out what other brands are doing
Importance Level: 5/10
3) How to Make Facebook’s Newest Algorithm Change Work For Your Brand5
Why it Matters? Facebook believes that brands are people too. With the update in the way pages interact, if one page tags a second page that a user has liked, that post may appear in the user’s news feed, even if the first page isn’t liked by the user. This promotes more tagging and spamming of links and mentions between pages. Have you noticed a difference in the way your Facebook pages interact?
Importance Level: 5/10
4) Who Is The Average Gmail User?4
Why it Matters? Read through this study to top up and help boost your email marketing efforts. Who are you really talking to? A must read for any person attempting to branch out in email marketing or already trying their hand at the ancient art. What demographics do you find react best on Gmail or any email platform for that matter? Let us know in the comments below.
Importance Level: 4/10
5) How to Sell your Brand Through Socially Shared Reviews4
Why it Matters? Online reviews of your brand and products or services you offer are amazing for growing a trustworthy online reputation. Learn from others on the best ways to boost your reputation locally and viral. How are you conducting your online reputation management? Let us know below.
Importance Level: 4/10

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