Top 5 Social Media Stories – 1st July 2013

by | Jul 1, 2013

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Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback

Important Factor

1) Google Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Launches for Merchants7

Why it matters: Google has announced the launch of their dynamic remarketing program to all clients with a Google Merchants Center account. It works as a support tool for Google Advertisers to expand their advertising performance with dynamic remarketing for their products.

Important Level: 7/10

2) Google Reader and The Coming FeedBurner Subscriber Count Apocalypse6

Why It matters: So it is about time that Google Reader closing today, 1st July. Many people who have been using Google Reader now considering which alternative they should choose to use next. FeedBurner can be considered as one of the best alternatives. FeedBurners allows publishers to manage their RSS feeds, and it has million of subscribers that will be increasing significantly in a short time

Important Level: 6/10

3) 11 Social Media Tools That Will Save You Time and Provide Key Marketing Data6

Why it matters: At some point of time, you may think Social Media Marketing may take a lot of your time. However, having all the proper social media tools associate with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also Pinterest, will get your audience engaged with your content. Further more it can take valuable time and attention away from other marketing channels. There are 11 useful tools addressed in this blog, have a look and choose which one is best for your business.

Important Level: 6/10

4) The 4 Problems with Facebook Hash Tags5

Why it matters: As everyone may know, Facebook Hashtags was announced recently and most of Facebook users are happy about this. However, considering of hashtags concept, Facebook hashtags still needs abit more time and renovation to step up to the next level. From filter, to spam, not working properly on mobile devices, to having little readers, these problems need to fixed in a certain time where Facebook wants to get more users into this new function.

Important Level: 5/10

5) How to Create Winning Social Media Calls to Action3

Why it matters: Social Media is to build relationship, engagement with your audience, though it may takes time, money and effort, but having it done properly will bring your business to success. In order to implement it right, your business needs to set the right goals, use the right words, use eye catching images and trust your own results

Important Level: 3/10


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