Social Media and Visual Marketing – Interview with Peg Fitzpatrick

by | Apr 14, 2015

Peg Fitzpatrick
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Peg Fitzpatrick is a social media strategist and the Director of Digital Marketing for Kreussler Inc. She is a passionate keynote speaker and has presented at BlogHer, Kim Garst’s Social Boom conference and has upcoming presentations at Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World.
She recently co-authored the book, The Art of Social Media with Guy Kawasaki which was featured in our Top 25 Social Media Marketing Books to Read in 2015. Peg was kind enough to chat with me about all things social media and visual marketing.

Interview with Peg Fitzpatrick

Q: You’ve stated that writing a book is a great achievement and checks off a bucket list item for many writers. Having co-authored The Art of Social Media with Guy Kawasaki, who says you’re the best social media person he’s ever met, how does it feel to have that bucket list item ticked and at the same time be praised by the legendary former chief evangelist for Apple?

Pretty darned good!

Q: The Art of Social Media lists more than 100 practical tips and insights to create a compelling presence on social media. What is your number 1 top tip either listed or not listed in the book?

# 1 tip: Always have a pinnable image on your blog post! The Art and Science of Pinterest Visual Marketing.tweet

Q: What has Guy Kawasaki taught you about your own social media efforts?

To take more chances. He’s a bigger risk taker than I am.

Q: As you put it, social media is your passion and your job. What advice can you give to those with the same passion but have yet to make it their job too?

Learn as much as you can and participate in social media as much as your schedule allows to learn and grow.tweet

Q: And on the other hand, what advice do you have for more traditional companies and brands that don’t have that passion but need to learn social media in order to stay relevant?

Suck it up and jump in! You’re customers are already there and you’re not part of the conversation. If you’re not there, your competitor will be happy to answer their questions and give them support.tweet

Q: One of the greatest things you’re known for is having amazing images on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. How do you create these images and while different social platforms call for different image sizes, is it really that important to maximise each image for the different social networks?

I use Canva to create my images – it takes much less time than you’d imagine and it’s fun! Quick Tips for Great Social Media Graphics.tweet

Q: As the editor in chief for 12 Most, a website of lists, like Guy, you clearly believe that bulleted and numbered lists make great posts. What else do you believe makes for great content?

Create content that you’re passionate about. If you love Instagram, take lots of great photos and edit them on your phone. If you love videos, learn to shoot and edit video and become a vlogger. Experiment and have fun with your content. Don’t ever copy someone else’s style or content – be as original as possible and credit all your sources if you’re inspired.tweet

Q: Lastly, what is your favourite social media network both personally and professionally and why?

I love Pinterest because it’s relaxing and inspiring. There’s so many ways to use it – I love to create resource boards, look for ideas, learn new things, and save all the things I love. It helps keep my social media world organized.tweet

Thank you Peg for sharing your insights with us!

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