Remote Jobs – Interview with a Talent Acquisition Specialist

by | Feb 24, 2022

Remote Jobs - Interview with a Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Today we’re giving a huge shoutout to one of our most valued team members, El. El is our talent acquisition specialist and has been doing a fantastic job of increasing In Marketing We Trust’s numbers since she came on board.

We asked El a few questions about her role, working remotely and what it’s like working for In Marketing We Trust.

Remote Jobs Interview with a talent acquisition specialist, El Phan

It’s commonly known that the beginning is the hardest. What was the hardest thing for you to overcome when starting at In Marketing We Trust?

I know it’s weird to say but it’s the communication part and getting familiar with the Aussie accent.

What motivated you to pursue a remote job?

I’m more active working from anywhere I like, I like to change the working environment (the place), and I hate routine, so the flexibility of remote work offers me all. I also like the mobility (maybe it’s just now) the remote set-up offers, I can work 6 months here and another 6 months there, I can travel while working. Not to mention I have the privilege of being around my family when they need me during the day or have more time petting my cat. 

The hustle of commuting drains my energy quickly, but now I can walk to my “office” which is a desk in a co-working space, and enjoy walking home with my umbrella under the rain (In Vietnam you have to travel by bike, which makes it a bit painful driving under the rain).

What are your best tips on working remotely?

You can easily find tips about work-life balance, home set-up, schedule,… everywhere, but my tip is to have a GOOD CAMERA, it makes you look better, therefore, feel better, or it’s just me?

Talent Acquisition Specialist Interview - El Phan

What is the most challenging part of your role?

I’m working in Recruitment, so the most challenging part is accepting rejections, from candidates, from stakeholders, it’s the feeling of spending 2-3 months (for Director role it can be up to 6 months) looking for candidates, now you have the right one, you make the offer, they seem happy and then they turn it down for a counter-offer and you have to start the whole process again. 

The mentality to deal is to understand it happens, and do not put too many expectations at first.

Another thing I can think of is managing a candidate’s expectations, some messages you receive during the interview process can make you feel really bad, so slowly learning to not take things personally is also hard for me, it’s not easy but yeah I’m trying.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Seeing the people you bring onboard excel in their work and seeing the team growth, trust me it’s the best feeling in the world!

Your best tips for someone looking to start out in the recruitment world?

I would say, based on the challenges: be patient.

The fruit of your hard work can only be seen after enough amount of time trying, usually after 6 months or maybe a year. The results are not that visible compared to others, it’s not a tangible product, so you have to be really patient with yourself, knowing what values you are bringing, and never stay inside your comfort zone. 

The good thing about recruitment is you have the chance to meet interesting people often, let your curiosity guide you through the interview and extract market information as much as possible.

Kirsten Tanner

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