Remote Jobs – Interview with a Digital Project Manager

by | Oct 12, 2022

Ania Cerezo Digital Project Manager
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Today we’re giving a huge shoutout to Ania Cerezo. Ania is our Digital Project Manager and has been doing an excellent job with the Client Services team at In Marketing We Trust. We asked Ania a few questions about her role as a Project Manager, her best tips on remote work, and what it’s like working for In Marketing We Trust.

It’s commonly known that the beginning is the hardest. What was the hardest thing for you to overcome when starting at In Marketing We Trust?

I wouldn’t consider it the hardest thing, but it’s learning the different services In Marketing We Trust is offering alongside adjusting to the culture and ways of working with my teammates and clients. Coming from a different culture, I had to be flexible and agile in order to do my job right.

What motivated you to pursue a remote job?

It’s actually the safety of my family – being with senior parents, I need to make sure that they are safe.

Ania Cerezo Project Manager at In Marketing We TrustAdditionally, the sense of freedom it gives me as I’m not constrained to be in a regular office setup.

What are your best tips for working remotely?

I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s practicing to separate work from your personal life. It’s hard, especially for those who are working from home, it’s a bit strange.

Ania Cerezo IMWT Project ManagerBut it’s about setting boundaries and doing the things that you love; work on your passion projects, workout, and practically anything that does not involve your work. It’s really about BOUNDARIES.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Apart from achieving the client’s goals, it’s also ensuring that the delivery team is being supported accordingly so they can do their job efficiently.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Achieving the KPIs or goals of the client and seeing the team fulfilled and happy with the work we’ve done.

Your best tips for someone looking to start out in the client services world?

Always learn new things and find ways to improve your craft. Be open to criticism and be better than yesterday.

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