malakadorous an indexation test using google plus

by | Jun 3, 2013

2 min read

Update 09/06: Updating the page now in WP, Used WP iphone app at publishing time. Fixed content formatting and images display. Linked out to Google + profiles and the original discussion. Will see whether it changes Google’s opinion
Update 08/06 So i linked the page to the site, pushed it across various social media and yet no indexing for that page.
Meh, my page is still not indexed
Over optimisation? Maybe/probably
Update 04/06 Pushed it as a normal page and on social media to see if I get some activity on the page.
Publishing time :17:35 Today’s
Conversation on seo hangout lead me to write about malakadorous
Malakadorous - No such thing on the web! Euh I meant GoogleQuestion was about the different tools a SEO could use to get a page indexed pronto.
Most of us (David I., Dan P, James N. andCollin D.) are reluctant to use such tools. James suggested social media profiles were the best for that and I heard the wonders of Google plus in that regard.
So testing out now with my profile on that very forum try to get this malakadorous post ranked. Please don’t ban me for that. I know I’m dangerous when I play little chemist but please don’t ostracise me for it 🙂
So as you can see malakadorous doesn’t exist…Until now.


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