In Marketing We Trust is Taking Action to Support the People of Ukraine

by | Mar 23, 2022

Ukraine Support Strategy - In Marketing We Trust is taking action to support the people of Ukraine
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As a global business, In Marketing We Trust has friends, family, colleagues and associates in east Europe and Russia, all of whom are currently being affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are not advocates for war or violence and do not wish for retaliation against the people of Russia. 

In order to support the people of Ukraine, we have developed a strategy and policy that is aligned with our values and culture.

Ukraine Support Strategy

In response to the invasion of Ukraine, In Marketing We Trust is taking a multilayered approach that covers:

  • Humanitarian support
  • Economic support
  • Activism

We believe that the invasion of Ukraine is the act of a government and not the will of the people. We have wonderful Russian colleagues and friends and do not want physical or economic harm to come to them. Therefore, we cannot support military action or any form of retaliation against Russian civilians. Our support is for the people of Ukraine and we feel called to stop war and support the humanitarian effort.

Humanitarian Support

We have identified people and charities on the ground providing support right NOW. We will be supporting these charities through regular donations and fundraising support.

Economic Support

Our remote work specialists will be supporting digital marketers in Ukraine to move to remote work. We will increase our job recruitment activity within the region (remote jobs).

We will be providing 1:1 and group sessions helping to navigate obtaining remote work. The sessions will include:

  • Resume reviews, tips and coaching
  • Information about remote jobs portals and websites
  • Help in finding roles to suit specific needs
  • Interview coaching
  • Getting support on liaising with specialists in the industry and recruiters in the market

We are also evaluating our supply chain to identify opportunities to purchase more Ukrainian tech. We will also promote Ukrainian tech to our customers and communities.


We will amplify the humanitarian message through our channels, as well as industry peers and technology providers.

Paul Hewett

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