Google This Week: Shopping Tabs Listing in Search Console & More

by | Nov 18, 2022

Google This Week
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There have been some exciting developments at Google This Week with the announcement of Google Ads Editor v2.2, a new suggested audience in Google Analytics 4, plus a new Shopping tabs listing section in Google Search Console.

ICYMI here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Google Ads Editor v2.2

ICYMI: Google has released version 2.2 of the Google Ads Editor which provides quick access to the asset library, easier ad scheduling, improved notifications, video campaigns with shopping, target frequency for video campaigns, and more.

Expected Delays in Merchant Center

Google has said they expect higher volumes during the holiday season so “there may be delays in the review process for new accounts and feeds”. Google has outlined some ways to get your account ready to avoid potential delays and be prepared for holiday shopping, including providing data at least 3-5 business days in advance and checking the Diagnostics tab in your Merchant Center account weekly.

New Suggested Audience in GA4

Google has recently introduced a new suggested audience in Google Analytics 4. The new suggested audience is called “7-day unnotified users”, this group includes app users who have not been reached via push notifications.

Google Recommends Using Dots for Decimals in Structured Data

Google has updated its review snippet structured data help documentation and now recommends using dots over commas for decimal numbers for review snippet structured data. Google added this recommendation to both the reviewRating.ratingValue property and the ratingValue property sections.

Search Console Introduces Shopping Tab Listings Section

Google Search Console is introducing a new section for Shopping tab listings to help eCommerce businesses show their products on the Shopping tab on Google. Eligible online store owners that have implemented product markup will see the new section in their Search Console account. This feature will roll out gradually over the next few weeks so keep a lookout for it.

Merchants will be able to easily create a Merchant Center account using a simplified process without needing to re-verify website ownership. From here, there is no need to submit a product feed, you only need to keep product structured data up-to-date.

Search Console Introduces Shopping Tab Listings Section

Google Restoring Missing Reviews

Google has now acknowledged a bug that caused reviews to go missing in Google Business Profiles. Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, announced via Twitter that “the team is aware of this bug and has been actively addressing it. Many reviews have been restored, and that work will continue.” The bug was reported a week ago.

YouTube Tests Shopping and Affiliate Features in Shorts

YouTube is testing a new shopping feature in Shorts with eligible content creators in the U.S. who are currently piloting the ability to tag products from their own stores. The new affiliate program will enable creators to earn commissions when a product they recommend in their Shorts or regular video is purchased. The program is only being tested in the U.S. currently but the shopping feature will be available to viewers in the United States, India, Brazil, Canada and Australia.


New AR Features to Shop Beauty and Shoes

Google is introducing new ways to shop in AR on Google, including a photo library to help you find your perfect foundation shade. Similar to how you can view furniture in your space with the AR home goods feature, now you can shop for sneakers using AR. You can spin, zoom and see the shoes in your space to help you find the perfect style.

New AR Features to Shop Beauty and Shoes


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