Google This Week: New Google Ads View, Regional Availability and Pricing & More

by | Mar 19, 2021

Google This Week
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It’s been a fairly quiet week for Google This Week, but we do have a few exciting new features to share, including a new summary view in Google Ads, regional availability and pricing on Shopping ads, more analytics data in YouTube and more.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Updated Conversion Counts in Google Analytics 4

To improve measurement when third-party identifiers aren’t available, Google Analytics is releasing a fix this week to update conversion count metrics for app conversions in Google Analytics 4 properties and Google Analytics for Firebase. As a result, app conversion counts will align more closely to the event counts in your reporting.

More Analytics Data in YouTube

YouTube has added more analytics data, including living room data and new and returning viewers metrics. Living room data accounts for impressions from sources such as TV and video game consoles. These impressions will start to appear in YouTube analytics later this month.

However, this is only a reporting change. Video impressions from connected devices have always been counted, just not displayed as such. YouTube has also launched a new and returning viewers metric that you can view in the Audience tab in YouTube studio.

More Analytics Data in YouTube

Google Displays Cost Estimates in Local Search

Google has confirmed they are testing displaying cost estimates in the local panel in search. The cost estimates come from a partnership with Homewyse, an independent reference for home product, installation and service estimates. Google is displaying Homewyse estimates for certain jobs done in your local area for your home.

“We strive to surface relevant information that helps people make decisions. As part of that, we’re running an experiment with Homewyse to surface local cost estimates in local results when users search for select types of home services on Google.”

Google Displays Cost Estimates in Local Search

Google My Business Adds Tool to Manage Reviews

Google has released a new tool to help manage your reviews in Google My Business. You can see recent reviews of your listings in a single place and check the status of reviews reported to Google.

You can access the tool here and select if you want to check the status of a reported review or if you want to report a new review for a takedown. There is a limit to the number of reviews Google will show in the tool. If you manage a large number of Business Profiles, then you may not be able to access the tool.

Google My Business Adds Tool to Manage Reviews

Custom templates for Server-side Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has released custom templates for server-side Tag Manager. Server-side Tag Manager can use Google Analytics server-side tags to redact and anonymise IP before data is transmitted.

Regional Availability and Pricing on Shopping Ads

Regional availability and pricing are now available on Shopping ads on Google Search in the US for free enhanced listings. You can use regional inventory by specifying your business’ regional pricing and availability to increase sales on products that may usually be excluded from your reach.

Using regional overrides to provide online product availability and variable pricing based on customer location means you can offer different prices for different regions or vary online availability.

Regional Availability and Pricing on Shopping Ads

New Summary View for Google Ads

Google Ads has released a new summary view to make it easier to manage your campaigns. Now you will be able to view performance at a glance, improve performance with custom recommendations, create and edit campaigns in fewer clicks and manage your keywords in one place.

New Summary View for Google Ads

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Check back next Friday for the latest from Google This Week.

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