Google This Week: New Features in Google Maps, Updates to GA4 and More

by | Jul 1, 2022

Google This Week
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This week Google has made updates to Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360 and Creative Studio. Google Analytics 4 has had an update to its recently viewed section, there are new features in Google Maps for businesses and Google has responded to concerns over Googlebot’s 15MB limit.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Creative Studio Account to Get Creatives from Your Partners

Google Campaign Manager 360 announced a new creative feature, with creative partners now able to request a link to your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. Creatives you receive from Ads Creative Studio will be listed as the “Authoring source”.

After linking, creative partners can send creatives to your account.


New Campaign Manager 360 Reporting Dimension

Campaign Manager 360 added a new reporting dimension called ‘Auto Refresh’. Add the Auto Refresh dimension in offline reports to see whether a particular ad load was a refresh – meaning a new ad loaded into a slot previously held by a different ad.

The dimension has two values: “Refreshed” or “Unknown”.


June 2022 Display & Video 360 Updates

Google Display & Video 360 has announced a few new updates, with a new audience segment dimension to be added to YouTube reports and support for a new third-party measurement vendor: Intage.

In the coming weeks, Google will be adding support for Intage, a new third-party brand lift measurement vendor for YouTube in Display & Video 360.


Google Analytics 4 Updates Recently Viewed Section

Google Analytics 4 has updated the Recently Viewed section in Search. The section has been expanded to include links back to custom reports, Explore, Admin Page, Advertising Hub, and Configure. Previously the section only showed links to recently viewed standard reports.

Google Analytics 4 Updates Recently Viewed Section


New Features in Google Maps

The Google Maps Platform has added new features for businesses including the ability to embed Reserve with Google on your website, a new embed a store location tool, a Locator Plus feature, enabling you to import business details from your Google Business Profile, plus a new Google store locator analytics dashboard.

New Features in Google Maps


Google Publishes Article in Response to Concerns Around Googlebot’s 15MB Limit

Last week we reported that Google had updated its documentation around Googlebot, stating that it only ever “sees” the first 15 megabytes (MB) when fetching certain file types. After receiving many questions, Google has published an article in response to concerns around the 15MB limit. You can get answers to the FAQs here.


YouTube Disables Hidden Subscriber Counts

In order to fight creator impersonation, YouTube is disabling the option to hide subscriber counts. YouTube is updating several features to fight spam accounts which includes disabling hidden subscriber counts, plus strengthening auto-moderation capabilities and limiting the use of special characters in channel names.


Google Rich Results Guidelines Bans Weapons, Recreational Drugs and Gambling-Related Products

To better align Google Search guidelines with merchant guidelines, Google has updated its Google rich results guidelines to prohibit weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco and vaping products and gambling-related products.

“Don’t mark up content that promotes widely prohibited or regulated goods, services, or information that may facilitate serious and/or immediate or long term harm to self or others. This includes content related to firearms & weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco & vaping products and gambling-related products.”


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