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by | Jul 30, 2021

Google This Week
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It’s been an interesting week at Google This Week. A new link spam algorithm update is rolling out and there are many new exciting features across Google’s tools. There are new TV and Audio Ads features in Display & Video 360 along with new reach and frequency metrics. Google has also launched Audience Explorer to help with first-party data.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

360 Upgrades for Google Analytics 4 Properties

Google Analytics 360 customers can now self-service upgrade their Google Analytics 4 properties. 360 for Google Analytics 4 properties is still in Beta, however, customers will benefit from premium data processing pipelines, larger feature limits, and new 360 features that will roll out through the 360 Beta.

Organisations already participating in the Beta can now also monitor usage for properties on the Beta program and preview Google Analytics 4 pricing based on actual processed event volume.

Predictive Metrics Now Available in Audience & Segment Builder in GA4

Predictive metrics are now available for use in Audience & Segment Builder with additional model-quality statistics in Google Analytics 4. Previously, you could only create predictive audiences via the suggested-audiences library.

You can now also modify conditions built with predictive metrics. You’ll also see an interactive graph that explains the tradeoffs between prediction precision and the number of users that are included based on that predictive metric.

Predictive Metrics Now Available in Audience & Segment Builder in GA4

New Spam Algorithm Update Now Rolling Out

A new spam algorithm update is rolling out over the next two weeks. This spam update targets spammy links more broadly and across more languages, according to Duy Nguyen, Google Search Quality Analyst.

“In our continued efforts to improve the quality of the search results, we’re launching a new link spam fighting change today — which we call the “link spam update.” This algorithm update, which will rollout across the next two weeks, is even more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam more broadly, across multiple languages. Sites taking part in link spam will see changes in Search as those links are re-assessed by our algorithms.”

New Spam Algorithm Update Now Rolling Out


New TV and Audio Ads Features in Display & Video 360

Soon, Google will be integrating new CTV contextual signals in Display & Video 360 to allow you to pick the right context for your CTV ads, including choosing inventory by genre, length or livestream content.

This Spring, Google will also be introducing sales lift measurement for CTV ads using Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) in the US. This feature will enable you to quantify how your CTV ad impressions led to offline sales.

Display & Video 360 is also adding new features to Audio Mixer, with new dynamic production capabilities so you can build tailored audio ads, quickly and efficiently. The new tool allows you to use various segmentation rules, including location, schedule or audience in order to create customised, relevant ads from a single audio creative.

New TV and Audio Ads Features in Display & Video 360

Sustainability and Eco Hotel Listings

Google has added sustainability and eco certifications to the top of the hotel listing attributes options. The attributes include energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction and sustainable sourcing. The update does not appear to be published on live pages yet.

Sustainability and Eco Hotel Listings

Google to Pass on 2% Regulatory Operating Cost for Ads in India and Italy

According to an email sent to advertisers this week, Google will be including a 2%  “Regulatory Operating Cost” surcharge to advertisers’ invoices for ads served in India and Italy. The surcharge applies to ads purchased via Google Ads and for YouTube placements purchased on a reservation basis. The new cost will begin on October 1, 2021.

Google to Pass on 2% Regulatory Operating Cost for Ads in India and Italy

One ClaimReview Element Allowed Per Page

Google has updated its technical guidelines for Fact Check structured data. Now you can only have one ClaimReview element to be eligible for a rich result. Previously multiple fact checks per page were allowed.

“To be eligible for the single fact check rich result, a page must only have one ClaimReview element. If you add multiple ClaimReview elements per page, the page won’t be eligible for the single fact check rich result.”

One ClaimReview Element Allowed Per Page

New Consent Features in Adsense Ads

Google has added new consent management features directly in AdSense Auto ads so your users can manage their data and privacy preferences. This also enables you to gather consent for advertising purposes.

You can now gather and manage consent for GDPR and receive opt-out requests for CCPA.  To enable, go to your Auto ads settings and click “More features” to turn on your consent messages.

New Reach and Frequency Metrics in DV360

Google is adding new reach and frequency metrics in Display & Video 360 off the back of their new TV and audio ads features. The tools can help you appraise the benefits of your own cross-channel frequency management strategy on an ongoing basis.

Google has added a dedicated data visualisation for each campaign that spans across channels and has a frequency goal set at the campaign level. You can now also measure the extra reach coming from Programmatic Guaranteed strategies with Display & Video 360’s frequency management solutions.

New Reach and Frequency Metrics in DV360

Google Launches Audience Explorer

In the coming weeks, Google will be launching Audience Explorer, a suite of premium features that enable publishers to ingest, build, activate and analyse first-party audience segments within Google Ad Manager’s Audience Solutions.

“[Users] will be able to analyze their audience segments, develop enhanced narratives about their data and optimize their monetization strategies for both reservation and Programmatic Direct deals.”


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