Google This Week: Google Ads Editor Supports Lead Form & Hotel Ads, Tracking Traffic from Google Discover, New Cryptocurrency Policies & More

by | Aug 6, 2021

Google This Week
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It has been quiet at Google This Week but it was still packed with some good stuff kicking off with Hotel Ads and Lead forms now available in Google Ads Editor. A new version of the Page Experience Report was launched last Monday and there are new policies in play for Cryptocurrency on Google Ads.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Products with Incorrect MPN to be Disapproved

This month, item-level warnings for “Incorrect product identifier [mpn]” will be issued for incorrect Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN) on your products. Next month, products with warnings will be disapproved. To see if any of your products are affected you will need to review the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account. For any issues you will need to provide a valid MPN value or clear the current incorrect value in your product data.

Hotel Ads and Lead Form Extensions Available in Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor v1.7 will launch on Monday, August 9. With the update, you’ll be able to manage your Hotel ads, YouTube audio ads and lead form extensions. You’ll also be able to select specific parts of your campaigns to download to work on offline.

Hotel Ads and Lead Form Extensions Available in Google Ads Editor

New Version of Page Experience Report Launched

Google is launching an updated version of the Page Experience report. The new version is paired down and does not include the Safe Browsing and Ad Experience widgets. Google has clarified that Safe Browsing is not used as a ranking signal and won’t feature in the Page Experience Report and any Safe Browsing flags will continue to be surfaced in Search Console, outside of the report. Google is also removing the Ad Experience widget to avoid surfacing the same information twice. The report will continue to be available as a standalone tool. In addition to removing the two widgets, Google is also rolling out improvements on how the report handles missing data.

New Version of Page Experience Report Launched


Google Analytics Tracking Traffic from Google Discover

Google Analytics appears to now show some Google Discover traffic from the Google News Showcase. When checking acquisition, source and medium traffic, you may now see [newsshowcase / discover] in the list. It can also show up in your real time view in Analytics. Google does not appear to be showing all Discover traffic in Analytics yet.

Google Analytics Tracking Traffic from Google Discover

Reminder: Google Ads’ New Cryptocurrency Policies Are in Play

Google Ads’ new cryptocurrency policies have officially taken effect as of the 3rd of August. In order to continue advertising, advertisers must be registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a money services business or be a federal or state-chartered bank and they must also complete the new verification process and meet all other requirements for the category. Prior Cryptocurrency Exchange certifications were revoked on August 3rd.

New Tools in DV360 to Manage Deals Across Partners and Advertisers

Google is introducing new tools in Display & Video 360 to help media agency professionals package, prioritise and monitor deals across partners and advertisers. Now you can package inventory from different deals and give access across partners and advertisers. You can now also monitor pacing for each publisher and deal in one place, identify delivery issues and reallocate impressions across accounts and campaigns.

New Tools in DV360 to Manage Deals Across Partners and Advertisers


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