Google This Week: Google Ads Editor v1.8, Spam Update & More

by | Nov 12, 2021

Google This Week
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It’s been a quieter week at Google after our biggest one ever last week. But we do still have some exciting updates for you including the release of Google Ads Editor v1.8. Google has also added CPA suggestions in YouTube Video Action Campaigns, the Keyword Planner tool now has a YoY change column, plus Google published a list of Googlebot IP addresses and the November spam update is now fully rolled out.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Google Analytics Updates User Roles

Google Analytics has updated user roles. “Manage Users” has been retired and replaced with an Administrator Role that combines User Management and Editor. Edit, Collaborate and Read & Analyze have been renamed to Editor, Analyst and Viewer. There is also a new “None” option which indicates that the user has no role for a particular resource, but may have roles for others. There are also two new metrics restrictions: “No Cost Metrics” which restricts viewing of cost metrics on Google Analytics 4 properties and “No Revenue Metrics” which restricts viewing of revenue metrics.


Target CPA Suggestion in YouTube Video Action Campaigns

During line item creation you will now see a suggestion for a target CPA to maximise the performance of your YouTube video action campaigns.


Google Keyword Planner Tool Adds YoY Change

Last month, Google Ads added three-month percent change and three-month trend type to the report in the keyword planner tool. Now, Google has added a new column for YoY change. YoY change data will provide you with more seasonal insights when making keyword buy decisions.

Google Keyword Planner Tool Adds YoY Change


Google Releases Google Ads Editor v1.8

Google has announced Google Ads Editor v1.8. The update will help you automatically apply recommendations, review account performance, and more. You can optimise your campaigns more efficiently by applying recommendations automatically. You can also view a summary of your account performance and actionable insights on the Overview page.

Google Releases Google Ads Editor v1.8


Google Published List of Googlebot IP Addresses

Google has published a full list of Googlebot IP addresses it uses for crawling and accessing your site. This information may be helpful so you can decide which bots to block from your site. Google said if you do not want to use reverse DNS, you “can identify Googlebot by IP address by matching the crawler’s IP address to the list of Googlebot IP addresses.”


Google Testing IndexNow Protocol

If you follow our digital marketing monthly updates, you’ll know that Microsoft Bing and Yandex announced IndexNow last month, now Google promises to give it a go. IndexNow enables site owners to inform search engines that content has been added, updated or deleted. Google told Search Engine Land,

“We’re encouraged by work to make web crawling more efficient, and we will be testing the potential benefits of this protocol.”

Merchant Center Updates Medical Test Kits Policy

Medical test kits with at-home results or lab results are now allowed on Google Shopping ads and free listings. This includes over-the-counter test kits. Every medical test kit will still need to adhere to country-specific regulations. Merchants are responsible for ensuring their products are in compliance with applicable laws and policies.


Google November Spam Update Fully Rolled Out

The Google November spam update that began rolling out on November 3rd is now fully rolled out. The rollout took 8 days. Google suggested the update was about content spam, rather than specifically link spam. Barry Schwartz reported that he was seeing chatter build up around ranking drops since the rollout from people claiming to be 100% white hat and not spammy. However, the tracking tools are not seeing huge fluctuations.

YouTube Removes Dislike Counts on Videos

YouTube videos will no longer display public dislike counts, however, the dislike button will still be available for users in order to customise their recommendations. This is a permanent change and follows an experiment earlier in the year when YouTube removed dislikes to see if it would help combat “dislike attacks”. Channels can still see how many dislikes their videos receive if they choose to but the count will no longer be public.


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Have you noticed any changes from Google this week?

Please note that Google This Week will not be published next week due to the TrustED Conf VR World Tour. All the Google news will still be picked up, however, and published the week after. Thank you.

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