Google This Week: Google Ads Enables Continuous Audience Sharing, Video Experiments on YouTube & More

by | Apr 9, 2021

Google This Week
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Google this week was quieter in the number of updates but still had some exciting new announcements! Google Search Console now supports the use of regex in queries and the ability to compare multiple metrics in performance reports. Google Ads enabled continuous audience sharing across sub-accounts and YouTube is rolling out video experiments globally.


ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Continuous Audience Sharing Available from Sub-Accounts in Google Ads

Continuous audience sharing is now available from sub-accounts in Google Ads. Now you can enable existing and new remarketing lists from your sub-accounts in Google Ads to be automatically shared with your manager account.

Continuous Audience Sharing Available from Sub-Accounts in Google Ads

Video Experiments Launched Globally in Google Ads

Google is launching video experiments globally in Google Ads in the coming weeks. Now you can make more informed decisions to improve your results on YouTube.

According to Google advertisers who successfully used creative experiments to optimise upper funnel impact saw a 60% higher ad recall from better performing creative. And those who used experiments to optimise for lower funnel performance saw a 30% lower median cost-per-acquisition from the better performing creative.

Search Console Performance Report Now Supports Regex

The Performance reports in Google Search Console now support regular expressions. This will help you create more complex query and page based filters and answer more questions. Simply create a query or page filter, select the dropdown menu and select Custom.

Need some help understanding regex? View our guide and see our most used regular expressions here.

Search Console Performance Report Now Supports Regex

Comparison Mode in Search Console Performance Report Now Supports Multiple Metrics

Google Search Console now supports multiple metrics in comparison mode in Performance reports. Previously, if more than one metric was selected, the table wouldn’t contain a comparison column with the relative difference in percentage.

Now, comparison mode supports the use of multiple metrics. The comparison mode now also supports the new regex filter.

Comparison Mode in Search Console Performance Report Now Supports Multiple Metrics

Google Updates Merchant Center Product Data Specifications

Each year Google makes changes to the Merchant Center product data specification. This year Google is focussing on improving the quality of product information across free listings and Shopping ads.

There are changes to:

  • Checkout price enforcement
  • Region-specific shipping speed
  • Updating the availability of products to “backorder”
  • Additional values
  • Disallowing cross-border for payment plan products

These changes begin immediately, with additional changes beginning June 15 and September 15. For a full list of the changes and details see here.


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