Google This Week: Updates to DV360, YouTube Teen Accounts & More

by | Mar 5, 2021

Google This Week
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Google announced updates coming to Display & Video 360 this week with new targeting expansion suggestions and the ability to view the geographic location of ads served. YouTube is also launching supervised accounts for teens and there’s now a BigQuery API for Google Tag Manager.

Google has also updated the performance report in Google My Business with new insights around how people found your business, there are new performance insights in the Google Ads Mobile App as well as custom notifications and Google updated PageSpeed Insights scores.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

YouTube Launches Supervised Accounts for Teens

In 2015 YouTube Kids was created, now there’s a new option for older kids. Over the next few months, YouTube will launch a new experience in beta for parents to allow their tweens and teens to access YouTube through a supervised Google Account.

The experience will come with content settings and limited features. Parents will be able to choose from 3 settings: Explore, Explore More and Most of YouTube.

YouTube Launches Supervised Accounts for Teens

New Targeting Expansion Suggestions Coming to DV360

New targeting expansion suggestions are coming soon to the Intelligence panel in Display & Video 360 to help improve pacing and performance. Accepting the suggestions means you may increase your available impressions and expand your reach.

View Geographic Location of Ads Served in DV360

In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to view the geographic location of where ads served from the quality view in the Combined tab of a campaign in Display & Video 360. You can use this view to see geography information more easily without creating an offline report.

Ginny Marvin joins Google as Ads Product Liaison

Ginny Marvin, ex-editor-in-chief of Third Door Media (publisher of Search Engine Land, MarTech Today, Marketing Land), has joined Google as its new Ads Product Liaison. She will be helping marketers learn about Google Ads’ products and policies, bringing a marketers perspective to the teams that work on them.

“I have joined Google in a new role as Ads Product Liaison. My core aim is to help answer questions about how Google Ads products & policies work and help bring marketers’ insights & perspectives to the teams working on them.”

Google Launches BigQuery API for Tag Manager

On Wednesday, Google launched the BigQuery API for server-side Tag Manager. The BigQuery.insert function enables writing data into a BigQuery table.

Updated PageSpeed Insights Scores

Google announced that Page Speed scores will rise as of Wednesday. Google updated how the PageSpeed Insights tool gathers information by switching to the http/2 protocol for connecting a webpage. Google said,

“As of March 3, 2021, PageSpeed Insights uses http/2 to make network requests, if the server supports it.

…With this change, the network connections are often established quicker. Given your requests are served in h2, you can likely expect metrics and the performance score to improve.

In general, performance scores across all PageSpeed Insights runs went up by a few points.”

See How People Found Your Business in Google My Business Report

You can now see how people found your business in the updated performance report in Google My Business. The new section shows you how people found your local listing, either via desktop or mobile and either via Google Search or Google Maps.

See How People Found Your Business in Google My Business Report

New Performance Insights in Google Ads Mobile App

To make it easier to stay connected to your campaigns on the go, Google is rolling out two new features to help keep track of and improve your performance in real-time. You can now set up custom notifications in the app to get real-time notifications about the performance and status changes you care about.

You can now also review performance insights in the Google Ads mobile app. You’ll get a notification if there’s a significant performance change, an explanation and possibly a recommendation.

New Performance Insights in Google Ads Mobile App


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