Google This Week: Custom Dimensions in GA4 Reports, Deprecation of Similar Audiences, & More

by | Nov 11, 2022

Google This Week
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A lot of interesting things happened at Google this week the global launch of target frequency for YouTube campaigns, custom dimensions in GA4 reports, deprecation of similar audiences, and more.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Server-side Tagging Improvements in GTM

Google has made server-side tagging improvements in Tag Manager. New server-side Tag Manager containers now compress network traffic by default to improve latency. Google has also released a guide on how to set up server-side tagging with Cloud Run.

New Features to Reach First-Party Audiences via CTV

Google has announced new features to let you reach your first-party audience on CTV devices and find lookalike audiences. You can now select a first-party audience list for your Display and Video 360 campaigns.

The list will automatically be eligible to reach your most engaged customers as they stream connected TV content. Google is also launching audience expansion for CTV. By utilising contextual and geo signals, Display & Video 360’s algorithm will create a model to find CTV streamers similar to your first-party list.

Target Frequency Launched Globally for YouTube Campaigns

Google launches Target frequency globally for YouTube campaigns. Target frequency enables advertisers to select a frequency goal of up to four ads per week which will then optimise towards maximum unique reach at that desired frequency. With built-in capping, campaigns deliver within a tight distribution range so viewers don’t see an ad too many times.

Custom Dimensions in GA4 Reports

Google has updated the GA4 custom report builder with the ability to add dimensions and metrics that are important to your business. Previously, this option was only available for Universal Analytics reports.

Custom Dimensions in GA4 ReportsAdditionally, the dimensions and metrics pickers in the Reports Builder have been updated for easier navigation to help users find dimensions and metrics quickly.

Reusing Google Tags created via Google Ads in GA4 Properties

Google has updated the Google Analytics Setup Assistant so users can reuse more existing website tags when creating GA4 properties.

reuseThe Setup Assistant can now reuse Google tags created via Google Ads so that your newly created GA4 property can receive website data without having to retag your site.

Google Announced Sunset of Similar Audiences

ICYMI: Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin confirmed that Google will phase out ‘similar audiences targeting’ in 2023 and existing similar audiences segments will no longer be added to campaigns and ad groups on Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

segmentsIf you have active campaigns with similar segments, those will remain with your campaigns until August 1, 2023. After August 1, similar segments will be removed from all ad groups and campaigns.

Forecasting for Video Action Campaigns

Google Ads has announced that forecasting for Video Action Campaigns (VAC) is now available in Google Ads Reach Planner—making it easier for advertisers to plan for Conversions, Views, Reach, and impressions-based metrics.

With this launch, you can now plan your campaigns across the funnel—from awareness to action, and build plans for a full-funnel YouTube strategy to get the most out of your ads.

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