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by | Nov 13, 2020

Google This Week
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It’s been a bigger week at Google This Week with announcements around page experience ranking signals launching in May, new conversion insights in Google Analytics, more news around the request indexing tool and updated branding for Google Webmasters Central, now Google Search Central, plus Google hotel health and safety updates.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

New Conversion Insights in Google Analytics

Google is providing new attribution insights focussed on last-click attribution in Google Analytics. For example, you can see which campaigns drove the most conversions and revenue in the past month. Automated insights are designed to make it easier for customers to discover important information about their data and take action.

New Conversion Insights in Google Analytics

Quizzes and Polls Coming to Web Stories

Web Stories are getting more interactive with quizzes and polls, or what Google’s Stories team call ‘Interactive Components’. They are currently available in the format. Several visual editors are working on supporting the new features so you can use them without any coding. While available now, you can expect the interactive features to be available in whatever visual editor you use shortly.

Quizzes and Polls Coming to Web Stories

Nielsen Mobile Digital Ad Ratings Measurement Available in More Countries

Advertisers in more countries will soon be able to use Nielsen mobile app measurement (mobile digital ad ratings or mDAR) for Display & Video 360 bought impressions and direct reservations through Campaign Manager 360. mDAR will soon be available in Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

DV360 to Support Third-Party VAST Audio Creatives

Soon, you’ll be able to add third-party audio creatives in Display & Video 360 using a third-party audio creative format. Only VAST URLs are accepted, uploaded manually or in bulk.

New Bulk Actions in Google Tag Manager

Google has now added the ability to edit multiple items simultaneously with bulk actions in Google Tag Manager. Bulk actions can be performed on search results as well as on the Tags, Triggers, Clients and Variables tables.

New Bulk Actions in Google Tag Manager

URL Submission Tool Survey

Recently, we’ve been reporting on the “temporary” removal of Google’s request indexing tool in Google Search Console. Google’s John Mueller says he has no news yet on the tool but he did create a Google Form asking SEOs why they’re missing the “URL submission tool”.

The survey asks for the URL, how many similar URLs you would have submitted, why the page needs to be urgently indexed and how critical the tool is for your site. Looks like John may be trying to put together a case, however, most SEOs think the tool won’t be coming back at all.

Update: Google Not Planning to Take Away Request Indexing Tool

In an update to our frequent reporting on the request indexing tool which has been temporarily removed from Google Search Console, Google’s John Mueller said:

“I am not planning on taking anything away.”

Mueller stated that the Survey on the issue was just for him to learn what Google can do better and more efficiently. In an interview with Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable, he explained that while people use it for good, the tool also attracts spammers and Google is thinking about how they can handle this automatically without a request indexing manual URL submission.

He said there are no plans to get rid of the feature but if Google can handle more of these requests automatically, it will save everyone time.


Page Experience Ranking Signals Launching in May 2021

Google has confirmed that Core Web Vitals along with existing UX-related signals will become ranking factors for search results in May 2021. The “page experience” signal combines Core Web Vitals with mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPs-security and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

Page Experience Ranking Signals LaunchingCore Web Vitals are designed to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness and visual stability of your page. Core Web Vitals are subject to change as user expectations change. For now, they are defined as largest contentful paint (loading), first input delay (interactivity) and cumulative layout shift (visual stability).

Core Web Vitals Ranking SignalGoogle will likely add labels in search results that indicate which pages provide a good user experience. We expect a test label to roll out soon. So what can you do about it? Google recommends AMP as an easy and cost-effective way to optimise for the page experience signal.

Non-AMP Content in Top Stories Carousel

In 2021 non-AMP pages will become eligible to appear in Top Stories. This update will roll out at the same time as the page experience ranking signal in May. Any page meeting the Google News content policies will be eligible to appear in the Top Stories carousel.

Google Webmasters Central Now Google Search Central

Google Webmasters Central Now Google Search Central

After over 14 years Google Webmasters Central is being rebranded as Google Search Central. With the name change, Google is redirecting some of the properties to the new Google Search Central, including the blog, help forums, guidelines, documentation and social channels.

“Our goal is still the same; we aim to help people improve the visibility of their website on Google Search.”

The changes are happening now and will continue over the coming weeks.


Google Hotel Health & Safety Data Now Live

We’ve been reporting on this for the last few months with tests and rollouts but now the health and safety attributes data in Google Travel hotel results is fully live. Click on the Health & safety box to see each category for more details.

“Many hotels and vacation rentals are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of guests in response to COVID-19. Now when you search for a place to stay on and view a specific property, you may see a tip when additional health and safety precautions, like enhanced cleaning, are being taken. Tap on the “About” tab to see the full list.”

If you’re a hotel owner, verify your business with Google My Business and let guests know what extra measures you’re taking on your profile.

Google Hotel Health & Safety Data Now Live


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Have you noticed any changes from Google this week?

Check back next Friday for the latest from Google This Week.

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