Google This Week: Conversion Value Rules, Video Indexing Report, & More

by | Sep 2, 2022

Google This Week
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A lot of interesting things happened at Google this week with new Business Profile guidelines, Search Console’s video indexing report, a bug on Google Ads, and more.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Google Search Console’s Video Indexing Report Now Live

Google has completed the rollout of the Search Console Video index report. If Google detects videos on your site, this report will appear on the left navigation bar in the coverage section.

Google said the report can help users understand the performance of your videos on Google, and identify possible areas of improvement.

URL-Level Data in Core Web Vitals Report

Google has added improvements to the Core Web Vitals report. Google will start surfacing URL-level data in the example URLs and has made some textual changes to the report.

Google Performance Max Self-Upgrade Tool

Google has announced the Performance Max self-upgrade tool for Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. You can self-upgrade your Smart Shopping and Local campaigns by navigating to the notification in your dashboard, the Recommendations page, or the Campaign page.

Four New Shopping Campaign Features

Google has announced four new features for advertisers to implement in their ad campaigns and merchant feeds. The new features are conversion value rules for store sales and store visits, shipping & return annotations, product-specific insights, and deals content API.

With these new features, merchants and advertisers can now add additional attributes and information to their shopping campaigns, including expected delivery dates.

Updated Google Business Profile Guidelines with Products

Google has updated the guidelines for Business Profiles with a new section: Products. Businesses can now add in-store products to their Google Business Profile listings, which gives advertisers and retailers a new way to promote in-store items.

However, Google does not allow regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco, health & medical devices, gambling, financial services, unapproved supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

Confirmed Bug on Google Ads Share & Auction Insights Reporting

Google Ads liaison Ginny Marvin has confirmed a bug with Share and Auction Insights reporting for Google Ads Search campaigns starting on August 29th. The bug is just a reporting issue and “doesn’t impact ad serving or automated bidding strategies”.

New Google Ads ‘Conversion Value Rules’ Features

Google has announced a new functionality in Google Ads to apply rules to specific store visits or store sales conversion categories. It’s called ‘conversion value rules’ that lets you adjust your conversion value reporting and Smart Bidding optimisation.

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Have you noticed the new Video Indexing Report, or any other changes from Google this week?

Check back next Friday for the latest from Google This Week.

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