Google This Week: Campaign Manager 360 Makeover & More

by | Jul 9, 2021

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It’s been an exceptionally quiet week at Google This Week after a busy couple of months of core and spam algorithm updates. Campaign Manager 360 got a makeover among other new features, YouTube is testing out new comment management options and Google Shopping updated their contact information policy.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Campaign Manager 360 Gets a Makeover

Google has made some changes to Campaign Manager 360 with a new navigation experience and an updated look for reports. The changes are designed to make it easier for users to manage campaigns by giving you more options to navigate around the product and more space for your work.

There’s a new collapsible menu and you can now navigate between campaigns and advertisers as well as view all campaigns in an advertiser on a new page. There’s also a new look-and-feel for Reporting and Attribution, including Verification, more similar to the rest of Campaign Manager 360.

Campaign Manager 360 Gets a Makeover

YouTube Testing New Comment Management Options

YouTube is testing new channel guidelines to provide more comment management options to help reduce abusive comments. The guidelines enable Channel managers to set rules around the types of comments users can post beneath their clips.

“We’re experimenting with a small number of creators, giving them the ability to define up to three channel guidelines for comments. These are a specific set of rules that everyone has to read and accept before they post a comment to your YouTube channel that help outline the kinds of conversations that you want to see on that channel.”

Google Shopping Contact Info Policy Updated

Google has updated their “Insufficient contact information” policy. Starting in August, merchants will be able to offer their customers more types of contact information on their website while meeting the Merchant Center guidelines.

Previously, merchants had to provide two out of three types of contact information, now they are only required to list one piece of contact information on their site to comply.

Automated Video Campaign Workflows in Campaign Manager 360

Google will be automating workflows for video transcodes and video assets QA in Campaign Manager 360. This will ensure that the video campaign is aligned with the end publisher’s requirements and minimises the manual work required by video traffickers. It will also give you faster insights into creatives.

New Metrics and Dimensions in Campaign Manager 360 Reports

Google is adding a number of new metrics and dimensions in Reporting in Campaign Manager 360 so you can track your ad serving costs at any time. Previously, to get this information you would have needed to reach out to support or sales teams. Now users with the “Billing: Full Access” permission will be able to access the new metrics.


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