Google This Week: AI Advancements in Maps, FLoC Launched & More

by | Apr 2, 2021

Google This Week
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We’ve got the latest for you a day early so you can get all the best Google news before the long weekend. This week Google launched the best things for everything guide, added some really cool AI features in Google Maps and to your Local profile and today is the big day with FLoC officially launching for trial.


ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

New Structured Data for Education Sites

Google has introduced new structured data for education sites, with practice problems and math solver structured data.

  • Practice problems on Google search provide users with rich results giving a preview of the learning content on your site.
  • A math solver page enables users to input their math equations and find explanations on how to solve a math problem.
  • Google is also launching reports in Google Search Console for practice problems and math solver structured data.

New Structured Data for Education Sites

Crawl Stats Report Data Issue in GSC

Between March 10 and 23 there was a data issue with the crawl stats report in Google Search Console. Google called it an “internal reporting issue” which only impacted the reporting tools, not your Google Search performance.

You may notice a drop in your crawl data in that specific report, but it’s nothing to worry about. Google said, “This issue did not affect actual page fetches, only the reporting of fetch activity during this period.”

Crawl Stats Report Data Issue in GSC

Google Launches Best Things for Everything Guide

Google has launched a microsite to make it easier to discover top products, called the Best Things for Everything Guide, which highlights 1000 products based on what’s currently popular on the web.

For the next several weeks you’ll be able to discover products from eight product categories ranging from tech to home and parenting. Product descriptions include prices, reviews and places to buy.

Google Launches Best Things for Everything Guide

Auto-tagging for YouTube and Partners Inventory in DV360

Google is adding a partner-level setting to enable advertisers to use YouTube auto-tagging in Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360. Enabling auto-tagging will help track conversions for YouTube & partners inventory and is considered best practice for the upcoming parallel tracking changes we reported on last week.

Auto-tagging will be turned off by default and can be turned on by going to your Partner settings > Advertiser configurations.

AI Advancements in Google Maps

Google is introducing new information and AI to make Maps work better for users with a number of updates coming this year, being rolled out first in the U.S. Live View will be coming to Maps soon to help users navigate indoors (which we’re all very excited about at IMWT).

navigate indoors

New advancements will also help you plan ahead with more information about weather and air quality as well as help you to find more eco-friendly options to get around with routes now showing their carbon footprint.

map eco friendly options

Google is also updating shopping information to stores’ Business Profiles on Maps and Search, including delivery providers, pickup and delivery windows, fees and order minimums.

Google is also updating shopping information to stores

FLoC Launched Today

Today is the day! FLoC has officially been released as a trial. The cookie alternative is available to only a small percentage of users in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, India, Indonesia, Canada and Brazil, with plans to go global after the trial.


Users in these countries wanting to participate need to unblock third-party cookies in Chrome if set up. Anyone not wishing to be part of the trial can opt-out in Chrome settings.


Thank You for Reading

Have you noticed any changes from Google this week?

Check back next Friday for the latest from Google This Week.

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