Google This Week: Adjust Conversion Value Rules for Smart Bidding

by | Aug 20, 2021

Google This Week
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It’s been a relatively quiet week at Google This Week but there have been some exciting developments, including conversion value rules now available for Smart Bidding and new features for YouTube. You can also archive custom dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics to stay within your quota and there’s a new ad type available in AdSense.

ICYMI, here’s what happened at Google This Week.

Archive Custom Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics

You can now archive custom dimensions and metrics you no longer need in Google Analytics to make room for new ones and stay within your quota. Archiving a custom dimension or metric affects any audience, Exploration, or segment that is based on that dimension or metric, so you will need to be sure prior to removing. If you’d like to load an Exploration or segment, remove the archived custom definition.

Full-Screen Inline Ads in AdSense

Google has launched a new ad format in AdSense, named full-screen inline ads. The ads are full-screen banner ads that appear inline with your content as the user scrolls the page. The ads appear below the fold in both Auto ads placements and responsive ad units. 

“If you have suitable ad placements, full-screen inline ads will automatically start to appear on your site.”

Full-screen inline ads in AdSense

New YouTube Updates for Creators

YouTube is updating a few features for creators, including improved realtime cards, an inbox for channel mentions and hashtag autocomplete suggestions. 

Realtime cards in YouTube Studio on iOS and Android are getting improved at the video level and channel level with new reach and engagement data, which now have dedicated tabs. Creators will now also have access to a mentions inbox in YouTube Studio where you’ll see all the places where your channel has been mentioned on YouTube.

New YouTube Updates for Creators

‘Report an Indexing Issue’ Tool Now Available in US

Google’s tool for reporting an indexing issue is now available to all signed-in Search Console users in the US. The tool was first announced as a pilot program in April and is now available to all US users.

You can find the tool at the bottom of the URL inspection help document and indexing coverage report document. The tool allows site owners to report an indexing issue directly to Google. Follow-up questions are generated as the form is filled out so that you can add more details about the issue. 

‘Report an Indexing Issue' Tool Now Available in US

“We may follow-up for more information if we confirm an actual indexing bug. We will not respond to other kinds of issues.”

Changes to YouTube Search Results

YouTube is overhauling its search results with significant new changes, including improved visual presentation, automatic translations and the integration of Google search results. 

  1. Scrolling over a video will give you a preview of the video. This feature is already available on desktop but will now work on mobile. 
  2. YouTube will also display video chapters when available. 
  3. YouTube will automatically translate captions, titles and descriptions as available.
  4. YouTube is also experimenting with integrating Google Search results into YouTube when there’s not enough video content available to satisfy a query. This feature is currently available in India and Indonesia.

Blurred Images in Top Stories Carousel

There have been numerous reports that images are not loading correctly in Google’s Top Stories carousel with the images appearing blurred. This is a global issue and Google has confirmed that it is a bug. 

Google’s John Mueller stated on Twitter that “it looks like an issue on our side.” and Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison has confirmed that Google is working to correct the bug.

Blurred Images in Top Stories Carousel

Conversion Value Rules Now in Smart Bidding

Google is making it easier to optimise campaigns and evaluate performance by enabling users to adjust conversion values based on characteristics, including location, device and audience. By applying a rule to these characteristics you can adjust conversion values to align more closely with your business outcomes. 

“For example, let’s say you run a sporting goods store and know that an audience of people similar to repeat customers who have bought triathlon gear will be worth more to your business in the long run. Now, you can set a rule to multiply the conversion value for this specific group by a factor of two.”

After a rule is applied you can see it in the ‘Conversion value’ column in your account reporting. The rules will also be used by Maximize conversion value and Target ROAS to optimise your bids in real time. Conversion value rules will be available for Smart Bidding across Search, Shopping and Display in the coming weeks.

Conversion Value Rules Now in Smart Bidding


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