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by | Feb 18, 2011

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Google Instant Preview effect on Page Layout

New Google preview feature
Google is joining the fight aside Apple to bury Flash development. Google has always been a strong supporter of HTML versus Flash, giving poor to none SEO value for Flash sites. The release of HTML 5 and the ongoing support to create HTML 6 made clear that the dynamic graphic will soon be supported by most browsers and a separate technology would no longer be necessary.
Google Instant Preview allows a user to obtain a snapshot of the site presented in the organic search results. According to Google this would improve Searcher satisfaction (5% of search most likely to be satisfactory for the chosen site).

5 tips on How to gain advantage from Google Instant Preview

  1. Present a clear layout
  2. Title Should be visible enought (25px should be enought)
  3. Use a clear font
  4. Include big Visible images
  5. Ensure Text is keyword optimised

Bad Example of Page Layout for Instant Preview

Bad Instant preview layout page

Good Example of Page Layout for Instant Preview

Good instant preview page layout


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