From Language Technologies To Analytics – Ben's Story

by | Apr 26, 2016

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Hello world!
My name is Ben. It has been almost a year now since I joined the wonderful world of digital marketing. In June 2015, I was adopted by In Marketing We Trust and since then I have worked remotely from the nice, hot and crazy city that is Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Analytics and Tag Manager are the love of my life.
If you need any help with understanding your data, with setting up your Google Analytics accounts properly, properties or views, if you simply need advice or if you want to implement challenging tracking via Google Tag Manager (virtual pages, custom events, Cross domain tracking, A/B Testing, Custom Dimensions), please contact me!
Let’s discover how everything has happened, shall we?
To better understand how I became so interested in Analytics and Tag Management, we will have to understand where I come from, have a look at my previous experiences and see how my first steps in the Digital Marketing World lead me to Analytics.

A bit about myself

I am French, 30 years old coming from a really nice region close to Lyon (You may have already heard about Beaujolais but that is not the subject). I have been working in Languages Technologies for 5 years. I love to travel the world, discover new cultures, and face new challenges. It has been 4 years now since I started living in Vietnam.
I graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology in 2008. I have two master’s degrees: one in Engineering (Electronic, Information and System) and another master of Research in Signal Processing. To validate my two masters, I did a 6 month project in a Vietnamese research institute in Ha Noi: MICA. After 2 years working as a Business Analyst in Auralog (Paris) participating in the elaboration of an e-solution for learning languages, I returned to Vietnam and back to data analysis.
Exploration, model building and validation, deployment, elaborate exploratory analyses using graphical and statistical methods… all became, once more, part of my everyday life.

Do not picture me as a nice kitty wearing glasses! (I do not have glasses). Research has always been connected to real applications and real people. That is what inspired me in the first place: People!

From Speech Technologies to Analytics - Mo Piu Village

Mo Piu Village – July 2013 – Recording Session with MICA


Love at fist site

Some people do not believe in true love. Some others do not believe in destiny. Well, I do and I can tell you it was not a coincidence finding In Marketing We Trust. It was the right time, right place with the same objectives.

It might be my thirty crisis that pushed me to change sides (from IT to marketing), but it is In Marketing We Trust that gave me the opportunity and context to achieve the change.

Every single member of IMWT helped me, gave me support, and accompanied me while I was training, working and discovering the Digital Marketing world.

He is just a tech boy from a tech family… well not anymore!

Within 10 months, I have been involved in a large variety of projects: Internal link Building, Outreach, Data Analysis, Content Strategy, set up and implementation of tracking. I have collaborated and helped several companies from different horizons, industry and size: Travel, ecommerce, education, etc.


Google Analytics: One tool to rule them all

One thing leads to another, in the first month, our paths crossed. Everything started with my Google Analytics Certification. That is when I started to fully measure the possibilities that Google Analytics offers. Then things went fast. Because I (loudly and frequently) expressed my interest, I had the chance to be involved on a regular basis in projects involving Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Powerful, limitless, challenging, interesting, tons of data, supportive community, always new things to learn, the legendary couple GA-GTM caught my attention. And I can tell you, it will last!

Looking forward to meeting and working with you!


A Big Thanks to Simo Ahava and Julian Juenemann (among many) for helping me almost everyday via their blog, articles and training materials.


Benoit Weber

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