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by | Mar 10, 2015

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Hi there,
Welcome to my Bio. My parents called me Frederic but feel free to call me Freddy. As the title suggests I’m supposed to be a conversion rate expert, I prefer to describe myself as a “closet engineer”, a mix of marketing/suit guy and web analyst. As such, my work is grounded in analysis, data, studies and insights from customer research rather than gut feel.

I have a knack for processing large amounts of data, putting the picture together and translating that into solutions to improve a company’s bottom line.

I work with some of the best eCommerce and B2C companies in Australia and abroad, training and helping their team develop processes and plans to grow their companies.

Prior to establishing In Marketing We Trust, I worked in a very large Online Travel Agency now part of Expedia where I would spend days trying to send millions of visitors to a site that was at best unappealing, at worst, broken.
As a result, my days would be wasted in pointless meetings with panicked people trying to figure out why such and such product would go up or down by 1 or 2% week on week.

I created In Marketing We Trust to research and develop tools, processes, services and courses to help marketers grow their businesses by giving their customers a better user experience and get a higher level of engagement and business.

Our Motto: Traffic is Nice – Revenue is Better



  • Inbound Marketing University, High Distinction
  • Digital Marketing Certificate, ADMA Sydney
  • Google Adwords and Analytics certified practitioner
  • MIB Macquarie University, Sydney
  • MBA exchange Fudan University, Shanghai
  • Industry Program R.Karl University, Heidelberg Germany
  • BE, International Trade, ISEG, Lyon France


When I’m not working on CRO, I pretend to be a true blue Aussie by surfing and being part of the Manly Lifesaving Club.

I also take impractical vehicles and drive them to remote places in the name of charity. See my adventures here.

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