Digital Marketing Monthly: September 2022

by | Sep 29, 2022

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It has been a great month in digital marketing with new Microsoft ad formats, new Apple ads spot, Wix and SEMrush keyword integration, TikTok’s new downvote button, and more.

ICYMI, here’s what happened in digital marketing in September.

Extended RSA Migration to February 2023

Microsoft has announced that they were once again, extending the RSA migration deadline to February 1, 2023. Microsoft says the extension is in response to advertisers’ need for more time.

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) will continue to serve with RSAs, but advertisers will no longer be able to create new or edit existing ETAs.

Twitter Finally Starts Testing an Edit Button

After years of requests from users, Twitter is finally experimenting with a tweet-editing feature. Twitter says it’s been testing the feature internally, which it said is one of the most requested features to date.

Edit Tweet, as the feature will be called, will let users make changes to their tweet for up to 30 minutes after it’s originally published.

New Microsoft Advertising Feature to Run Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram

Microsoft has announced Multi-platform, an all-in-one feature available in Smart Campaigns that lets you run ads in Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Instagram all through the Microsoft interface.

Multi-platform lets advertisers expand their reach by providing a single place to manage and report on campaigns across the most popular ad platforms. Microsoft says that Smart Campaigns and Multi-platform will also help drive traffic to your website and organic social media.

New Microsoft Ad Formats

Microsoft has announced new ad formats to be shown at the top of search results in Bing Search, Windows 11, and Microsoft Start. The new video and image formats are “infographic-inspired” and meant to “innovate and disrupt web search”.

The new ad formats are collages of videos and images shown at the top of search results.

New Apple Ads Spot Available in Q4

Apple is reportedly unveiling new ad inventory spots before the end of this year. The new Apple ads spot opens up additional advertising opportunities just in time for the holiday season when competition is at its peak.

New Apple Ads Spot Available in Q4Apple first reached out to developers to announce the expansion of ad spots across the app store.

Adobe Buys Design Platform Figma for $20 Billion

Adobe has announced it has purchased Figma, a popular design platform and Adobe XD competitor, for $20 billion in cash and stock. The company says the merger will “usher in a new era of collaborative creativity”.

Dylan Field, Figma’s co-founder, and CEO will continue to lead the Figma team should the merger be approved and will report to David Wadhwani, president of Adobe’s Digital Media business.

Meta’s Collaborative Ads for Local Delivery

Meta has added a custom ‘Collaborative Ads’ format designed specifically for restaurant and grocery deliveries. The ads allow local businesses and packaged goods brands to display their products next to options for people to purchase.

Meta's Collaborative Ads for Local DeliveryCollaborative Ads utilise the scale and reach of Facebook and Instagram to permit local targeting, with product availability and pricing data relayed on a granular level while offering global delivery.

Wix and SEMrush Keyword Integration

Wix has announced an integration with SEMrush which allows Wix users to access SEMrush’s SEO keyword data directly through the dashboard. Wix’s users can access metrics like search intent and keyword difficulty from SEMrush’s SEO toolkit.

Wix and SEMrush Keyword IntegrationThis integration is offered at no added charge to Wix users, though a paid SEMrush membership will allow users to do more with it.

TikTok Increased Video Descriptions Length

TikTok is expanding the length of descriptions from 300 characters to 2,200 characters.

In addition to making content more searchable, TikTok says it uses text in the description to decide which videos to recommend to users.

TikTok’s New Downvote Button

TikTok has launched a dislike button for comments in an attempt to give creators greater control over their comment section by allowing other users to identify comments that may be inappropriate or hurtful.TikTok's New Downvote Button

The downvote button appears underneath comments next to the like button. It looks like a thumbs-down icon, as seen in the example below.

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