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by | Apr 28, 2022

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It has been an absolutely huge month in digital marketing with Elon Musk’s $44B purchase of Twitter, Amazon’s Buy with Prime feature, Instagram’s product tagging feature rollout, Microsoft Advertising’s open beta for RSA ad customisers, Pinterest extension for WooCommerce, TikTok’s interactive add-ons for ads, and more.

ICYMI, here’s what happened in digital marketing in April.

A ‘Massive Ranking Failure’ Confirmed on Facebook

A group of Facebook engineers identified a “massive ranking failure” that exposed as much as half of all News Feed views to potential “integrity risks” over the past six months, according to an internal report on the incident obtained by The Verge.

In addition to posts flagged by fact-checkers, the internal investigation found that, during the bug period, Facebook’s systems failed to properly demote probable nudity, violence, and even Russian state media the social network recently pledged to stop recommending in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Twitter Tests New and Interactive Ad Formats

Twitter is launching pilot tests for three new ad formats: Interactive Text, Product Explorer, and Collection Ads giving advertisers more opportunities for creative storytelling and brand expression across every stage of the funnel.

With Interactive Text Ads, advertisers will get a brand-new way to tap into text. These ads will appear with a larger, bolder typeface than the standard Twitter font in the timeline.

Product Explorer Ads will give advertisers the chance to showcase their products in 3D for the first time on Twitter. Consumers will be able to swipe and rotate a brand’s products to see them from different angles.

Collection Ads will bring a new way for advertisers to story tell and showcase products to consumers. Brands can display a primary hero image with up to five smaller thumbnail visuals below.

All three ad formats will be visible to people in the U.S. on iOS devices, Android devices, and the Web.

Twitter Confirms It’s Working On An Edit Button

Twitter confirms that the company is working on an edit button and will begin testing it with select users in the coming months. Twitter will first test the edit button with its Twitter Blue premium subscribers before rolling it out to everyone.

Twitter Confirms It’s Working On An Edit Button

As a testing ground for new features, Twitter Blue Labs allows the company to experiment while providing additional value to its premium members.

Microsoft Advertising Announces Open Beta For RSA Ad Customisers

Microsoft advertising announced Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) will gain the ability to leverage ad customizers in this quarter’s open beta. Microsoft also shares that Responsive Search Ads are now supported in mobile apps for Apple and Android.

Microsoft Advertising Announces Open Beta For RSA Ad Customisers

With ad customisers, users will be able to combine the power of RSA with custom attributes for real-time, highly effective messaging. The custom attributes available for ad customizers are:

  • Text: Product names, product categories, descriptions
  • Number: Inventory count, number of colours available
  • Price: Product cost and sale discount
  • Percent: Discount rate and interest rate

Twitter Will Let You Leave a Conversation Through ‘Unmentioning’

Twitter announced that they are testing a new way for users to remove themselves from conversations they don’t want to be a part of with “unmentioning”. The company announced this on Twitter saying “we’re experimenting with Unmentioning—a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations—available on Web for some of you now”.

Yelp Adds Searchable Eco-friendly Business Attributes

Yelp introduced a new set of search tools to help users find eco-friendly businesses and businesses that have adopted sustainable business practices. Yelp has combined these five new attributes with a pair of existing ones — “Bike parking” and “Vegan” — that let businesses highlight all of their eco-friendly options.

Yelp Adds Searchable Eco-friendly Business Attributes

The five new eco-friendly attributes are:

  • EV charging station available
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Provides reusable tableware
  • Bring your own container allowed
  • Compostable containers available.

In addition to being highlighted in Yelp’s search results, the new sustainability attributes will appear on Yelp business pages.

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Pinterest Rolls Out Extension for eCommerce Platform WooCommerce

Pinterest released a new extension that enables merchants on the eCommerce platform WooCommerce to convert their product catalogues into shoppable Product Pins. The extension also tracks when users interact with products on Pinterest, enabling merchants to determine their best-selling or most saved item.

Pinterest Rolls Out Extension for Ecommerce Platform WooCommerce

Once a merchant installs the extension, their entire product catalogue will be uploaded to the Pinterest platform, with their shoppable Product Pins appearing in Pinners’ feeds.

Instagram’s Product Tagging Feature Roll Out

Instagram announced that product tagging, which previously only creators and brands could use, is now available to all U.S. users with public accounts. Instagram previously said the idea behind the feature is to help people “support their favorite small businesses”.

Instagram's Product Tagging Feature Roll Out

To tag a product, after choosing a photo or video, and moving past the filtering and editing screen, tap “Tag people” on the “New Post” screen. Select “Add tag.” First, tag the brand, then select the “Products” option on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then, you can search up the product, select the item with the right specifications and tap the photo to add the tag.

Instagram says it’s working on bringing a similar feature to Stories.

Meta Adds Fundraising Features To Instagram Reels

Instagram is adding the ability for users to create and donate to fundraisers directly from Instagram Reels. The feature was announced alongside a series of updates across Meta’s platform and services designed to celebrate Earth Day.

Meta Adds Fundraising Features To Instagram Reels2

Fundraising on Instagram Reels is now available in more than 30 countries worldwide and will support donations to more than 1.5 million nonprofits.

Instagram Tests Removing the ‘Recent’ Tab from Hashtag Searches

Instagram is removing the ‘Recent’ tab on hashtag pages for some users as part of a small test. The company notes that the test is rolling out to a small group of users. The change could be seen as a way for Instagram to further promote Reels, while also focusing on surfacing posts that are receiving the most engagement on the platform.

Instagram Tests Removing the 'Recent' Tab from Hashtag Searches

Instagram adds that the new test is part of its efforts to “make hashtags as valuable as possible” for its users. 

Amazon Alexa is Retiring

Amazon is shutting down Alexa Internet, a service that has provided web traffic analysis for more than two decades. In an announcement post, the team said the company will shut down the site on May 1st, 2022. The announcement was short and with no explanation as to what led to the decision.

Amazon Alexa is Retiring

“Twenty-five years ago, we founded Alexa Internet. After two decades of helping you find, reach, and convert your digital audience, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire on May 1, 2022.

Thank you for making us your go-to resource for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research, and so much more.”

Extended Responsive Search Ads Migration Deadline

Microsoft Advertising is extending the responsive search ads (RSA) migration date from June 30 to August 29. The additional 60 days should help those struggling to bring the new modern ad units into their accounts.

Extended Responsive Search Ads Migration Deadline

The depreciation of expanded text ads (ETA) was announced in October, with advertisers losing the ability to create ETAs after the deadline. The new timeline move will operate in the same fashion, where ETAs made before August 29 can show after the new date.

Ahrefs Has Raised $1.5 Million for Ukraine

SEO service provider Ahrefs has raised more than $1.5 million for humanitarian organisations in Ukraine. After Russia invaded Ukraine, Ahrefs began a fundraising effort on Feb. 24.

Ahrefs Has Raised $1.5 Million for Ukraine

Ahrefs told its customers they would extend a subscription for double the amount of whatever was donated.

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Instagram Ranking Algorithm to Favour Original Content

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has announced that Instagram’s home feed ranking algorithm is getting an update that’s designed to boost the visibility of original content.

Instagram Ranking Algorithm to Favour Original Content

Adam Mosseri goes on to discuss three updates intended to help credit creators for their work:

  • Home feed ranking change
  • Product tags
  • Enhanced people tags

As per Mosseri:

“If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you are resharing something that you found from someone else. [As such] we’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content.”

TikTok Introduces Interactive Add-Ons For Ads

TikTok provides new ways to encourage engagement with ‘Interactive Add-Ons’ to incorporate interactive elements into video promotions. These provide engagement features that prompt users to take action on your ad, by inviting them into the experience.

TikTok Introduces Interactive Add-Ons For Ads

These new features come in two different flavours, Standard or Premium. According to TikTok, standard Add-Ons are made to “reach lower-funnel marketing goals, like driving clicks and conversions” while Premium Ads move up the funnel to aid in “brand awareness and community building”.

Amazon Unveils Buy with Prime

Amazon has unveiled a new benefit for Prime Members called Buy with Prime which extends the convenience of Prime shopping to online stores beyond The Buy with Prime service lets other online retailers use its vast delivery network to fulfil orders on their websites.

Amazon Unveils 'Buy with Prime'

Merchants using Buy with Prime will be able to put the Prime badge on their websites beside eligible items available for free next-day or two-day delivery. Then, Prime members can purchase the product using the payment and shipping details already stored on their Amazon accounts.

Bing’s Ethical Shopping Hub Expands to U.S. and Canada

Microsoft Bing announced that its Ethical Shopping hub is also now available in the U.S. and Canada. Ethical Shopping hub first launched last December, but only in the UK. The hub has a new design and the experience can be triggered when people search for relevant queries in English.

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk’s $44B Purchase Offer

Elon Musk has clinched a deal to buy Twitter for $US44 billion ($61.4 billion), in a transaction that will shift control of the social media platform populated by millions of users and global leaders to the world’s richest person.

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk’s $43B Purchase Offer

Reuters is reporting that Twitter’s board may announce its acceptance of Elon Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter for $54.20 per share.

LinkedIn Adds New Profile Links and Newsletter Promotion Options

LinkedIn has added a new option to showcase a link on your profile, along with new analytics tools for group posts, and new newsletter display options. Users can now add in a website link that will be displayed below their name and description.

These new options are helpful to spark more click-throughs from LinkedIn, while also offering new potential for promotion for free via LinkedIn’s organic display options.

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