Digital Marketing Monthly: April 2021

by | May 5, 2021

Digital Marketing Monthly
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It was a huge month in April for Digital Marketing news with Apple’s opt-in prompts for user data tracking coming into effect, new advertising solutions announced from Microsoft, including Automotive Ads, plus new advertising solutions on TikTok.

ICYMI, here’s what happened in digital marketing last month.

Microsoft Automotive Ads Now in Open Beta

Microsoft has announced the open beta of a new product called Automotive Ads, now available for advertisers in the US and UK. Automotive Ads are feed-based product ads where you can upload all the attributes of your car inventory and showcase them on Bing right rail/mainline and the Bing image results page, and on native placements on the Microsoft Audience Network.


Microsoft Automotive Ads Now in Open Beta

Spotify Podcast Ads Now Available in Australia

Spotify has launched podcast ads in Australia. Spotify Podcast Ads deliver and report on confirmed ad impressions, not downloads, as well as reach and frequency, powered by proprietary Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI). Pieter Manten, Head of Sales AUNZ told B&T,

“We launched SAI to break down the barriers that have kept advertisers on the podcast sidelines. It will benefit advertisers through unprecedented podcast reporting and insights…”


Microsoft Adds New Features to Google Import API

Microsoft Ads Google Import API now supports new Google features so even if you’re not providing your own support for RSAs (responsive search ads) for example, Google Import API will take care of it.


TikTok Plans to Launch Range of New eCommerce Ad Offerings

According to a leaked pitch deck being submitted to advertisers in the US, TikTok is planning to launch a range of new eCommerce focussed ad offerings, including in-stream shopping tools.

  • Collection Ads will allow brands to combine their product catalogue listings and videos, similar to YouTube’s new product listings on videos
  • They’re also adding Dynamic Product Ads to automatically retarget users with relevant products
  • Promo Tiles will allow advertisers to add customisable sales and promotional alerts to their in-feed ads
  • Showcase Tiles will allow creators promoting products to add a product thumbnail to the bottom of the screen


Apple’s Opt-in Prompts for User Data Tracking Come into Effect

Apple’s updated, opt-in prompts for user data tracking on iOS came into effect starting the week of the 26th of April as part of the launch of iOS 14.5. For more information on the updates see here.


Facebook Updates Advice for Advertisers to Prepare for Apple’s iOS 14.5 Update

Facebook has issued a reminder to developers and advertisers on how to prepare for Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, starting on the 26th. The update includes what will likely be impacted as a result of the change. Facebook confirms advertisers must act now to minimise disruptions to their advertising campaigns.


Pinterest Expands Shopify Partnership

Pinterest continues to expand its eCommerce potential with the announcement that it will be building on its partnership with Shopify to 27 new countries. This is a significant update to the initial pool that it launched in May last year.

Pinterest Expands Shopify Partnership


New Microsoft Advertising Solutions Announced

Microsoft have announced new solutions that enable business growth at Microsoft Advertising Elevate, their premier partner event. The new solutions include new multimedia ads, video extensions and ads and Facebook import to help you reach an expanded audience. To see the full list of announcements, click here.


No BS eCommerce tips for Aussie stores – Boom Ecommerce

With the explosion of eCommerce over the pandemic came a dramatic increase in new eCommerce stores. But for many, it’s a whole new frontier and sifting through all the eCommerce “strategies” “hacks” and “get rich quick schemes” has left many wondering where to turn for tips and training on eCommerce especially for Aussies stores. Boom is a source of free eCommerce tips and training from people in the trenches running eCommerce stores. You can get free “No BS eCommerce tips” at Boom Ecommerce.


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