Which Digital Marketing Freak Are You?

by | Oct 31, 2014

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Header-1600X600Ever wondered what your digital marketing career really says about you? Want to know what Halloween costume best suits your profession? Whether you’re a Brand Manager, SEO or PPC expert or even the Director we know what truly lies beneath, lurking, just waiting to come out and show its true self every Halloween.
Which marketing freak are you out of these Halloween legends? Are you a vain vampire, money hungry werewolf, ancient mummy, a zombie that munches on the brains of pandas and penguins, a monster of the lake, Frankenstein’s monster AKA Frankenstein’s Hacker or the much feared Godzilla destroying everything in your wake when those pesky little people don’t deliver on their KPI’s?
So, which digital marketing monster are you?
Digital Marketing Freak

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Happy Halloween from the team at In Marketing We Trust!

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vampire marketing freak
I am a Vampire (Brand Manager)!
I look fabulous at all costs. I am scared of ROI meetings like the sun and the smell of accounting and garlic terrorises me.

werewolf marketing freak
I am a Werewolf (PPC)!
I have the brawn (budget) but act as a lone beast. At night I turn into a monster and spend my heart out on the full moon (aka end of month spend targets).

mummy marketing freak
I am a Mummy (Email)!
A vestige from an old dynasty. Cursed with ancient spells and CRM systems. I move slowly but eventually achieve my revenge.

zombie marketing freak
I am a Zombie (SEO)!
You cannot kill me. Every 6 months SEO is dead and comes back from the grave.

lake monster marketing monster
I am the Monster of the Lake (Display)!
I am kind of scary but not really. Retargeting makes me fit for a decent fright.

I am Frankenstein’s Monster (Growth Hacker)!
I am made from body parts stitched together and injected with a large dose of electricity to create a brand new super monster.

I am Godzilla (CMO/Marketing Director)!
Coming from the deep of the board room, I will trample your budget and bring you back to the stone age if you do not deliver on your KPI’s.


Kirsten Tanner

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