Cornelius Interns at IMWT

by | Dec 8, 2014

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Hello everyone, I’m Cornelius Do and I am the newest marketing intern addition to the IMWT Team in Sydney.
I’m a marketing and psychology major at the University of New South Wales and I am very much drawn to creative fields. I’m an amateur video editor and graphic designer and I’ve endeavoured over the past two months to teach myself how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and Sony Vegas (after a year of using Final Cut X). In addition to that, I love out of the box marketing such as guerrilla marketing and experiential marketing.
Although my exposure to SEO has been quite limited, I’ve experimented with Google Analytics, attending a few Mumbrella events here in Sydney (Mumbrella 360 & Content Marketing Picture), assisted a startup, as well as interning at an advertising agency in Indonesia, so I’m no stranger to marketing!
One of my main concerns with some of the more creative, agency side marketing fields was the lack of solid metrics that firm side marketers could be confident with. It’s a concern that I had developed internally as well one that was shared with me by one of my mentors who was a product manager at a consumer electrical company. After all, at the end of the day the clients want results. Cold hard numbers. Despite the buzz around “Big Data” and data driven business, I’ve found it difficult to picture myself in more creative/strategy positions because I don’t yet see the measurement aspect to them.
Even after just one week intense SEO training, I’ve developed an appreciation for the ability to see the measurable impact of implemented changes. Now that I’ve hit the start of my third week, the work has continued to grow on me, more specifically the problem solving aspect of it.
With conversion rate optimisation and user experience looming around the corner, I can safely assume that sooner or later, I will be reading and speaking SEO/CRO/UX 24/7.
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