Better Blogging using Content Amplification

by | Feb 13, 2013

Better Blogging using Content Amplification
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Do you struggle to get decent value for your blog? Are your posts generating limited views and 0 comments? Is your blog another “feature” in your marketing armada? Do you view content marketing as too time consuming and without the necessary ROI and direct results? If you want to answer yes to any of those questions, then read on. This could make your day

Bringing Back “Marketing” in Content Marketing

Money Time Quality

The producer dilemma

Content marketing is the new gold rush in digital marketing. Planning and executing content plans are often a daunting task for overloaded marketing team. Spending the time to effectively promote it on social media is often neglected, thus missing the whole purpose of content marketing and its value across multiple channels.
Getting things organised on the content side often takes you away from the money making activities. Coordination between the teams can be subject to multiple hindrances and hidden agendas
From experience, always free your time to improve your quality first. You can do so by reducing your frequency. Get ready to allocate a greater spend in order to compensate for the loss of frequent visibility.

A minimum of ¼ of your content budget should be allocated to the early discovery on social media.



Social Media in Aus. Sept 2012 by MarketingMag

Social is becoming the new mainstream media

Youtube, whose number of views trumps all TV channel combined is launching soon a paid channel option. Twitter and buzzfeed now compared more and more to superbowl ads, it’s easy to see where the next lot of big money is going to be spend.

Content amplification: social media pay for play

More and more social media and large publisher sites are offering some form of social “discovery”. Cost per click seems to be the most common method, followed by CPM. This increased monetisation of social media traffic leads marketers to consider content amplification as a natural extension to their content marketing plans

Content Promotion Tools

Click on the dots to check each channel

The good thing is the majority of big spenders haven’t shifted their media buying habits yet. So this is your best opportunity to produce a brand (re)discovery and capture your core user group.

Improve your blog outreach today

If you have the budgets to be able to push some content here is our recommendation to help you get onto the right path

  1. reduce post frequency
  2. Increase quality per post
  3. Allocate saved money onto a test campaign
  4. Handpick your best posts
  5. Tag your campaign
  6. Run your campaign for 2+ weeks
  7. Analyse results
  8. Rinse and repeat

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