Why Cheap SEO Services are Very Very Very Bad Idea

by | Feb 2, 2015

Panda, Penguin and Pigeon Algorithm Updates mark the end of the cheap seo services
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You probably seen free SEO keywords analysis and audits everywhere and wondering why would you pay so much for something that look the same. I’ve replaced the words of one of the many “SEO proposals” I receive every week. I am sure you receive them too.
We are in 2015, SEO is a decade old discipline. On the web, this equates to 50-60 years in real life. This means that any success story you heard 5 years ago are unlikely to be repeatable today as conditions have changed dramatically, people have filled and occupied the niches you are looking for. So unless you understand

SEO in context

SEO used to be all about

SEO in the context of Inbound Marketing Activities

SEO is only a tiny bit of the whole picture. Treating in isolation will become less and less effective

To really get a more accurate judgement of your what Inbound marketing and SEO services really are, the best example is to compare it with accountants and lawyers. Not the sexiest, we know but probably the safest bet for your business. The main difference between SEOs and the latter is that the environment in which SEO evolves is far more dynamic than law or accounting frameworks are.
Replace ‘SEO’ by Accounting or Law
Tell me if you think this inspire you trust…

Is Outsourcing SEO dangerous?

So, next time you are considering one of the cheap SEO services proposal promising to deliver overnight results; simply ask yourself whether you would want those guys to represent you in court or handle financial decisions made for your company. Marketing like accounting and law are deeply entrenched in the local landscape and what would work for US, India or Germany may not work for Australians.

Algorithm Penalty Galore

Cute But Deadly. Google Algorithm Update Names

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Google has been quite aggressive in the last few years to fight spammers and their cookie cutter approach. So, if your website has been hit by one of the latest algorithm updates, consider checking our penalty audit and removal service. But if you now consider the following paradigm:
Good SEO= Good Marketing = Time to think and execute correctly
Now think what your $200 worth of SEO services such as linkbuilding would get you? Here is reference of cost per hour salaries of web professionals according to a comprehensive industry survey

  • An junior – $30-45/hr
  • A Mid level – $50-75/h
  • A senior level – $80-150/hr

now add overheads (up to 100% of hourly rate for big agencies…) and margins and you can be certain that hourly rate charged are north of $80-$90 per hour.

How much should I spend

Any service priced at less than $1,000 is very unlikely to yield good results in Aus, NZ, SGP, US and UK.
Do we offer such service? Unfortunately not. Our offer is geared toward larger organisation, typically $1Mln + online businesses in competitive industry like finance, travel, pharma, etc.
However we understand how tough it is to find good and ‘cheap’ seo services so here what we can do, drop us a line, tell us more about your site and your objectives and we will be happy to recommend you to some of our peers we personally known and vetted for their services.
We may also be able to recommend you a freelancer we would have worked with. So don’t be shy and say hello.
For SEO pros I know personally and/or worked with, Drop me a line to be added to the list.


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