Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – September

by | Nov 3, 2020

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - September
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At IMWT we really pride ourselves with a diverse culture, built on a strong foundation and fuelled by wonderful people, always ready and willing to help each other andOur-Values.png go the extra mile within their roles. 

We make a point to celebrate them openly, each month, for their demonstrated skills and capacity to encompass our values in the stellar work that they are delivering for our clients.

Our Values

Our Values


Celebrating Our Culture Heroes

In September, we celebrated our ‘Ethos Award’ with Tom and Titus, for their abilities to work independently together and their capacity to stay curious and creative – two of our core values, that not only help us move in the right direction, but also facilitate a prosperous remote working culture.

We make a point of sharing their tips and tricks, as we believe that anyone working remotely might benefit from them. 

Celebrating Our Culture Hero, Tom

Tom is one of our SEO Extraordinnaires, who joined our team only 3 months ago. Even though it was not really a ‘smooth sailing’ period due to the adaptation phase both to a new company and to a remote role, Tom is determined, focussed and truly a team player, who managed to go above and beyond in delivering stellar results.

Tom - Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - October

What is your best advice for ‘Independently Together’ in the workplace (to the point of being recognised for this superpower)?

Being new and in a remote workplace is very different to starting a new job in an office as you can’t just easily turn around and ask someone where a file is or to clarify something. I have found it best to try and get as much information upfront for any task and get clarity straight away (which can sometimes involve being annoying and asking too many questions J), this will result in getting a better understanding of expected delivery and can save on having to stop-start while working independently on the task.

On top of this is realising the right time to use the right form of communication. If you want short sharp messages, then Slack is key but sometimes it ends up being much more efficient to jump on a Zoom call and share screens to go through a deeper level of information sharing.

Any tips for keeping yourself focussed and delivering great results while working from home?

Always set your hours for the day and treat your home office as a unique space. When in doubt, always go to noise-cancelling headphones and “lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to” on Spotify or YouTube.

Tom - Interview with an SEO SpecialistCould you briefly describe your main tasks and responsibilities?

I have always enjoyed working with multiple clients across different industries as I believe it promotes professional growth and provides room to constantly find better ways to do things. I am fortunate to have that at IMWT. My main tasks revolve around technical SEO, finding organic growth strategies for clients and helping with website migrations.

How do you manage to juggle so many responsibilities and deadlines?

The thing that has helped the most was suggested by Ben, our Digital Analytics Lead: Plan ahead and block out your calendar with tasks. By working backwards from deadlines and having that time set out, it relieves the stress of trying to pick what task to do on any given day.

Celebrating Our Culture Hero, Titus

Titus has been with the IMWT family for almost 4 years and he experienced and impacted the evolution and change of our company during these years first-hand. He works on the PR and Content Marketing side of the business and is constantly demonstrating great abilities of finding new ways to be efficient and effective.

Titus - Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - OctoberWhat is your best advice for ‘Curiosity & Creativity’ in the workplace (to the point of being recognised for this superpower)?

‘Curiosity and Creativity’ is a skill that needs to be developed for you to be able to grow and develop. 

At IMWT, we have it as one of our core values and, because we are working remotely, this is essential. It encourages us to not just stay in our comfort zone but explore and find new ways to be efficient and effective. When our curiosity is triggered, we think more deeply about decisions, we view tough situations more creatively hence coming with a more creative output and solution. Also, it allows us to be more open, to develop trust and to collaborate well with our colleagues.

Any tips for keeping yourself focussed and delivering great results while working from home?

Working from home can be challenging – because you get distracted from anything and everything at home. Especially when your kids can’t help but notice that you’re just around the corner. Yet, as time goes by, I’ve learned how to work around it. l need to set boundaries and schedules with my children and make them understand the importance of work and the fact that there’s a time for everything. Time for working and time for playing.

I mostly work during the day with the usual working hours. I also made sure that my working area is situated in a well-lit space with the most natural light. It keeps me energised and active. When I’m working on a task, I’d like to set a time to finish it and make it a target to get it done. I also make sure to take quick breaks in between. It helps me clear my head up and stretch a bit. Also, a clear mind would want a clean desk. I made sure that my desk as well as my apps are organised. I separate each task on different tabs or windows; making sure when I’m working on a task all apps needed and used should only be the ones seen and opened; easily accessible and clean.

Titus - Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - OctoberCould you briefly describe your main tasks and responsibilities?

I’m the PR & Content Marketer and SEO for IMWT. I work with different CMS tools, learning, implementing and optimising in order to help our clients get favourable results. I also take care of our website changes and uploads. I grew and learned a lot at IMWT and now I’m at 4 years with this company and it is all worth it. Teammates are always readily available and helpful for us to achieve our goals. 

How do you manage to juggle so many responsibilities and deadlines?

Juggling responsibility and deadlines can be frustrating and stressful – but with order, planning and coordination it can be avoided. I take the late nights with tasks that are nearly due and spend the mornings reviewing or revising if needed. I always want to get things done ahead of time so that I don’t have to cram and be stressed ending up with mediocre results. 

I also reach out to my teammates if I get stuck on tasks and we do troubleshooting together or just pinpoint the things that might have been missed. Slack is our buddy app to help us mend the gap of remote working and communicate at any time of the day we want. We even have this channel dedicated to these kinds of situations when you’re out of options – ping the channel and you’ll get your help in no time.

I use apps and tools especially Googles’ readily available array of resources as they really come in handy with your productivity and getting things done. Use this to your advantage and make the most out of it.

Maria Ursente

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