Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – July 2022

by | Aug 29, 2022

River Kim Culture Heroes
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Each month we celebrate our culture heroes. Culture heroes are given the ethos award by their peers during our fortnightly team meeting. Then here on the blog, we give them a shoutout and ask them a few questions about what it’s like working remotely for In Marketing We Trust.

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River Kim

Today we are celebrating River Kim who’s recognised with two nominations for her curiosity and creativity, and ability to independently work together.

What is your best advice for working independently together in the workplace (to the point of being recognised for this superpower)?

The project I’m currently working on is so huge in scale that it is very easy for anyone to get lost. Hence teamwork is especially very important for this type of project so I just did my best to share my findings and knowledge in real-time constantly with my teammates to make sure that everyone is on the same path. After all, the teammates who were already working on the project before me were very helpful and kind enough to guide me through during my onboarding phase, so I just thought it was natural to just do what they’ve done for me. I had good examples, and still, they are the best teammates I could ever ask for.

This came out naturally as our company culture itself is very open to new ideas. I was always encouraged to create my own template, or improve the existing ones if I wanted to. This encouragement boosted me to be more creative when it comes to preparing the best deliverables for my clients. Also, my teammates are as curious and as creative as I am and we always share ideas and feedback to build better outcomes together.

So I think the key is “communication”. Active and transparent communication with love and respect within the team can only bring good results in my opinion.

Any tips for keeping yourself focused and delivering great results while working from home?

For me, having your own daily routine helps to be more productive. Having a regular bedtime and wake-up time, having nutritious meals in between, and regularly exercising before or after work.

When feeling unfocused, trying to change the environment helps. For example, going for a short stroll, or even going to a cool new cafe to work.

River Kim IMWTIn my opinion, if you are healthy both mentally and physically, you can have healthy relationships with your co-workers, and naturally, you’ll bring good results for your team and clients.

Also, asking for support from colleagues can be helpful. Sometimes I reach out to my leaders or teammates when I’m low on motivation, and they are always willing to suggest the best ways to boost my motivation back up.

Could you briefly describe your main tasks and responsibilities?

I’m an SEO Specialist at In Marketing We Trust. I help various clients in assessing their digital competitiveness, finding market opportunities, establishing digital marketing strategies, and optimising their digital channels to win in the market.

How do you manage to juggle so many responsibilities and deadlines?

Prioritising tasks and always finding the most efficient way to complete the tasks are important. Prioritising can be done right by weighing the importance and estimated resource consumption of each task. While finding the most efficient way can be done by looking through internal resources if something similar has been done, checking if there are existing best practices that can be referred to, or utilising various tools to minimise manual, time-consuming tasks.

Kim RiverPlus, communicating with leaders or teammates to clarify the purpose and objectives of each task, and methods to achieve those can lead to better task and time management.

Why do you like working at In Marketing We Trust?

I like working at In Marketing We Trust because of the amazing people and culture. They appreciate just the way I am and value my effort and output. I feel appreciated all the time which encourages me to get better and better. There are no barriers with the leaders, they are super friendly, and always open to chat or help out. Not to mention how the enormous amount of office jokes I share with my colleagues make my work life enjoyable every day.

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