Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – January

by | Feb 16, 2021

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IMWT has been a remote company for more than 8 years – years in which we learned, adapted, implemented and pivoted towards what works best for us in the context of a fully remote distributed team across the globe.

Based on this experience, and because we want to make sure that we celebrate our team regularly for all their hard work and commitment, we created the Culture Heroes series a year ago.

In January we celebrated Bryce for going above and beyond in order to encompass one of our core values – Dependability, a value that we consider crucial within the workspace, especially when it comes to remote work.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes

Based in Sydney, Bryce is part of the Analytics team and has been with IMWT for the past 3 months on a part-time basis, though he has been part of the In Marketing We Trust family all along, having been part of the early team, joining as an intern in 2013. His skills and expertise bring tremendous value both to the team and to our clients.

Being dependable in a remote part-time job and having other projects on the side is no easy task so we asked Bryce how he manages to juggle so many responsibilities while being dependable and on top of his game.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - BryceWhat is your best advice for being dependable in the workplace (to the point of being recognised for this superpower)?

Being consistent and setting expectations. Setting expectations will reduce confusion and help you achieve set tasks. 

Properly managing expectations both with the team and the client will reduce the amount of stress, unclarities and confusion that might come along with a remote role.

Any tips for keeping yourself focussed and delivering great results while working from home?

Breaking one task into smaller ones allows me to manage my workload and have larger, more daunting tasks become more manageable. I tick them off when they are completed which keeps me feeling like I hit goals progressing towards one bigger one.

Assessing clear goals during the beginning of the week and during each day as well definitely helps with making sure that I am on track with prioritising tasks and managing them effectively.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - January - BryceCould you briefly describe your main tasks and responsibilities?

My main tasks and responsibilities for IMWT are to audit and implement Analytic or Tag Management solutions such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Adobe Analytics.

How do you manage to juggle so many responsibilities and deadlines?

Working within different hours as opposed to most of the team means good communication is required. From letting them know when I am working to managing expectations and handling the deliverables – these are all items that I am making sure I am properly tackling in order to stay efficient.

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