Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – February

by | Feb 28, 2020

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - February
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At In Marketing We Trust, we take great pride in celebrating the milestones, contributions and achievements of our amazing team and expressing gratitude towards the superheroes that make IMWT a truly great place to work.

The modern superhero is self-made and their superpower is their compelling personality that leads to best practices, impactful work and inspiration across the entire team. Of course, the modern superhero can wear a cape (mostly to be faithful to their comic book origin), but it’s most likely they’ll wear pyjamas, since the magic happens, more often than not, within their own home.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - FebruaryRoberta is one of our super-star Data Analysts, with a genuine passion for Data Science and anything Project Management related. Not only do we want to celebrate her achievements with the world, but also offer you a more in-depth view of what it takes to make it in the world of data. Roberta is being recognised for her ‘Dependability’, one of IMWT’s core values, which is also a “must-have” skill in the world of remote work. 


Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – February

What are the projects that you are currently working on?

I currently work on Expedia projects – for multiple brands. 

My main projects involve data science and internal linking, but I’m gradually contributing to other growth marketing projects for this client too.

How do you manage to juggle so many responsibilities and deadlines?

First, I assess the complexity of each task by breaking it into small pieces – in order to predict the tools and resources needed. 

Second, I try to anticipate the risks – I believe that especially in Data projects, it’s a crucial step for accomplishment. If I can identify a potential blocker before starting, I can mitigate the risks.  

Third, I’m realistic about deadlines. Whenever possible, I ask for one or two days extra – in case I need to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. This also helps to define with the team and the clients, the priority of each delivery.

Every task, however small, is a great responsibility. If I notice that a task can be delayed, I warn of it before the deadline so that Account Managers can adequately manage the client’s expectations.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - FebruaryWhat are your best tips on staying dependable (to the point of being recognised for this superpower?) 

  1. Whenever possible, be proactive – don’t expect to be asked to do something you’re comfortable doing. Offer help whenever possible.
  2. Try first – all the team members are usually busy, so before asking for help, I exhaust my attempts.
  3. As difficult as it may seem, don’t give up. Every approach is valid if the problem is solved in the end. Often being under pressure helps us to think laterally.
  4. Be honest – especially if you work with people as empathetic and responsible as I do. With dialogue you can find support for all kinds of situations, so don’t fail to communicate!

Want to be part of the team and get recognised? Check out our opportunities.

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