Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – December

by | Jan 23, 2020

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - December - In Marketing We Trust
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Although fashionably late to the celebration party, we are keeping the December festivities going by presenting you our culture heroes from the end of last year along with their great contributions!

At In Marketing We Trust we constantly come up with new ideas and techniques to ensure that we provide the best services for our clients. However, some things always stay the same: embracing the company’s core values and celebrating our amazing team for their contribution.

IMWT’s  core values are not only designed to keep everyone stirring in the same direction but also to offer a glimpse into the company’s identity and culture.

Our Core Values

Get Sh*t Done

Focus on output. Focus on value. Done to a high standard is better than undelivered perfection.

Be Curious, Be Creative

Figure out how things are working, then find better ways to deliver better outcomes.

Independently, Together

Be independent in your work but always go beyond to deliver as part of your team.

Be Humble, Be Honest

Be realistic about what can be achieved. Keep yourself and your teammates honest.

Be Dependable

Focus on honouring your commitments and be reliable. Trust is of the essence.

Our Culture Heroes

Kirsty Tanner - Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - In Marketing We TrustKirsty is our in-house Editor in Chief and, besides running all editorial work, she goes above and beyond, finding creative ways of improving our monthly Google Marketing Platform meetup. You should know her for her remarkable writing skills and for receiving the ethos award two months in a row – now that’s a first! Kirsty is being recognised for her ability to tackle extremely complex tasks on her own, while going beyond and delivering as part of the team.

Being dependable while working remotely is one of IMWT’s core values and, if you’d have to ask us, a must in the digital nomad era. 

Benoit Weber - San Francisco Google Partner SummitBen is our Analytics expert and an absolute superstar when it comes to honouring commitments within the highest quality standards and being extremely reliable throughout the process. December has been a month of constantly smashing deadlines for Ben and his efforts did not go unnoticed. 

You can learn more Analytics by reading Ben’s latest article on the blog: Best Google Analytics Custom Reports & Dashboards.

Maria Ursente

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