Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – August 2022

by | Oct 6, 2022

Rohit Gupta Culture Heroes
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Each month we celebrate our culture heroes. Culture heroes are given the ethos award by their peers during our fortnightly team meeting. Then here on the blog, we give them a shoutout and ask them a few questions about what it’s like working remotely for In Marketing We Trust.

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Rohit Gupta

Today we are celebrating Rohit Gupta who’s recognised for his ability to independently work together.

What is your best advice for working independently together in the workplace (to the point of being recognised for this superpower)?

The best advice I can share for independently working together is constant communication. Since it’s a remote set-up, communication within the team is essential.

Rohit at Golden Temple AmritsarI always stay active on our Slack channels, constantly giving updates or blockers, to ensure we get the job done.

Any tips for keeping yourself focused and delivering great results while working from home?

For me, I really enjoy the flexibility within In Marketing We Trust. I firmly believed that the key to delivering great results in a work-from-home environment is effective and steady communication within the team.

Rohit Gupta In Marketing We TrustEffective communication with the D&E team helps me strengthen my sense of belonging so that I always stay engaged. James Bardsley even shares some random AI-generated inspiration each week that helps break the ice before I start my work.

Could you briefly describe your main tasks and responsibilities?

I am a full-time Data Scientist at In Marketing We Trust. I help various clients in assessing their website’s internal linking structure and all other subtasks related to it.

How do you manage to juggle so many responsibilities and deadlines?

A key step that I do while working on a remote set-up is to prioritise tasks based on time consumption and deadlines, plus to always find the most efficient way to complete them.

Rohit Gupta with IMWT Team membersThankfully, In Marketing We Trust has tools that help us track our tasks and hours within the team. This helps me in prioritising tasks and making sure I have everything on time.

Why do you like working at In Marketing We Trust?

I enjoy working at In Marketing We Trust because of the amazing group of people and the company’s culture. I also like the flexibility they provide to their staff! There is also plenty of room to learn and try out new things, which encourages me to get better each day.

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