Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – October

by | Oct 31, 2019

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - October
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Not all heroes wear capes, some of them are just really good at what they do! 

As a globally distributed company, our values are essential in keeping everyone moving together in the same direction. While everyone in the team swears by them, there are a few people that go above and beyond to embody specific values – these are our culture heroes.

Rest assured, we don’t encourage the traditional ‘workplace cultural heroism’, as we recognise the importance and value of the overall team’s performance as the main catalyst for progress. At In Marketing We Trust, cultural heroes don’t tend to work insane hours nor are they constantly ‘saving the day’ –  they just find better and more efficient ways of solving problems.

Our Values

Focus on output. Focus on value. Done to a high standard is better than undelivered perfection.
Figure out how things are working, then find better ways to deliver better outcomes.
Be independent in your work but always go beyond to deliver as part of your team.
Be realistic about what can be achieved. Keep yourself and your teammates honest.
Focus on honouring your commitments and be reliable. Trust is of the essence.

We celebrate our cultural heroes fortnightly in our team meetings (just to be sure that everyone can be around for a good clap).

The lucky winners of the ‘Ethos Award’ are chosen by the Management Team for their outstanding contribution linked to our company values and are granted a gift card and a whole lot of recognition!


Ethos Award Winners

This month we are celebrating Louise’s and Gabriele’s superpowers, as they are a stellar example of cultural heroism.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - October - In Marketing We Trust

Louise, our CRO Data Specialist is being recognised for ‘Dependability’, as she demonstrates outstanding reliability in terms of tasks and communication. Not only does she deliver on time and within budget, but she also makes sure her work is of the finest quality.


Celebrating Our Culture Heroes - October - In Marketing We Trust

Getting stuff done’ is one of our core values and Gabriele truly works in accordance with it. Gabby is IMWT’s Sales Specialist and, even though ‘chasing opportunities’ falls under her job description, she goes above and beyond in pursuing new and creative ways of making sh*t happen. 


At In Marketing We Trust the flashes of superhuman effort are often conceived behind the scenes. We want to make sure that our superheroes get all the recognition for their hard work, while you can get a glimpse into what makes a culture hero at In Marketing We Trust.

Maria Ursente

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